National French Fry Day with HopCat

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Published on July 12, 2019 -

National French Fry Day with HopCat

HopCat was originally created to bring customers great beer... But that doesn't mean they serve up great food.

The place is known for their French Fries, and they brought some for us to try in honor of National French Fry Day.

National French Fry Day with HopCat

Great beer... c1 3 c1 3 is okay castleford friday a please me every single day aware research the guys in town.

Apparently the miserable read them up in trouble of well you do you like to do was originall created to bring customers great beer but hello it doesn't stop there.

They survived great food place and came is very well known for their pride.

Jeff brought in some of their fries for us to try on national frida is great you so much for being here to welcome if not my friends five minutes fabulous is so good old off you you will is right be able to copy from from you but not the yellow nationwide it's is one of our i are specially little him and for the coming one of our french fries.

They ask about okay with but because rise and sure enoug we we serve just regular what you see here with our us specia signatures is the which he saw sporting get away so we can do loaded thousand friday we can d sloppy joe or will we call flat routinely is the version of a protein you will is amazing, it's amazing it's god is about to little bit over the on their there's roadies or sausage gravy stop caramelized onions oliver bethune it's not help these witty french fries but is one o most the was about what i you mentally could so happy you you there personally with i would b a reality for.beers at bar so perfect coming to thousand frie beer and your you you you you weird there make the order in the don't get prize not sometimes everybody gets rising which is probably not the 5% of the people who get the burgers imagery will get fries times your people week all the wanted a salad or something else or we do have ocular mac & cheese wha which is the was what the 95% the people in the order center but fries will are my friends we go out and were out can we have a couple beers with you 30 you you will take him in and sure enough, though though get him for the day for the the hunger the table.

Can we talk about what is it star signatures easy you call her, seasoning siliceous socket rotelle with genetics up there is some black pepper and and what the it's actually the delicious we got the the term from from offer examples onyx is you and your you like there's no other were you really like is will all the leg hello you you we bottomless the will unfortunately weekend i you you sometime in the future.

You are very pretty birthmothers yeah i you and you we got that we have a number different we are birders and al the quesadillas images but the one out actually like that we are different menu items we got our about to chicken sandwich year in a double smash burger.

Both of those july 22 there i w got a new what you to be easily food and a lot people have died lots of in common the scope of really quick getting him out.

W have another another are separate items that will not on a lunch menu as well as to new cocktails also along with our crappy are not a would drink beer so we are come up sooner cocktails and community bunch when you is you will out in august to you that i yes you you you you you like from elected off else important street, so i the where right short walk from a previous infrared event to come on over i worked for at the lexington not browsing over a before that's been organized as an energy drink you i her know you you are down there and then i would go to to on over to the square right we go you would see me.

I don't know you will be don't that could be the stoplight and and while he walked across you you you you is really very everybody you so this is a cry you will will you outweigh the tobacco for you so you cannot break all right when essential like around that's been around for for years the i what you will this is 2000 so michigan started is you is you and and most multiservice right i will recta bring to know you which the for the not long ago unity and a really yes out global your mental all you little will walk now i we have to top it all off because not only did love these right you word yes award for the you nationwide we did known as the we devoted the number four trie america and also to network magazine and also everyone the retorts reference rising top 10 french fries in america that's for trust miracle so you other rough well known and that such pretty what i'm informed when the come in the asking with sai cosmic insured up what you will go you that we is a weekly segment for we do mike henry friday i you so sure how should i because you is always i you you you your money online our menus online hopped out the not you selected the location you can see everything that we have our menu as well is all of our i will crjpe your they change to do was lot of metals the same galata local favorite but they will change and i just recently you know while we got some domestic

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