Sunrise Chef: The Ship Inn

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Published on July 12, 2019 -

Sunrise Chef: The Ship Inn

An English-style pub located just over the river in Milford, New Jersey was in the 69 News kitchen Friday morning.

Sunrise Chef: The Ship Inn


Dry and warm.

All right we'll back over to you all right, thanks so much matt if you're looking for some english style pub and grow and a pint.

>>look no further than new jersey our guest today is from the ship and located just over the state line in milford alex is in the kitchen with chef lonnie lippert.

>>good morning guys good morning bill it smells great in here well so this a chef lonnie at tell me what you're making right tonight in an appetizer which is a double in kabul which is 3 different types of 2 of the sausage is a make on the rest of the restaurant.

>>some diced potatoes and some onions some cream and some cream cheese that's a remodeled she's.

And that just reduces that you can see the reduction right now it's just about there.

>>looks very creamy and knows the hungry this morning.

So let's also talk about the restaurant itself very you know the vibe there you really creating an authentic feel.

>>we are the new jersey's first english-style pub as it stands now we've had new owners become involved and they're kind of changing the direction just a little bit include more of the beer producing countries.

So they'll be more jermont german, if looks more belgian influence and the beers will reflect that might have brought years with us.

For each course we will talk about the little what we have over here that is a scotch egg part of the second course is push i'm going to be doing for you, kate that's very good.

So which we talk about in terms of some of the upcoming events i know that you have some fun nights whether it's.

>>i'm wednesday night then tuesday night there's open mike.

>>there's poker night on wednesday.

There's it all got we also do a lot of events, abc that one's poster up there for we do pairing of whiskey whiskey dinners and wine dinner for a have different courses and then i paired the whiskeys to it like some of the stricken could like you can have a scotch that is from the island.

So i would try to have it so that the person was from that area come and say this is a dish i would be.

But scot yourself was so strong that the seafood we would hold up to its you kind of have to balance it.

We just did a bourbon tastings kentucky bourbon tasting out of you know about but they're all 9 prove a summer of high 160 proof to try to pair that with food and have it like kind at so many different things that people can try with the best way for people to find your website.

>>2 web site you just come come to the restaurant comes to the restaurant, we're always available, you know to to talk or whatever.

>>yeah and let's talk a little bit more about this dish so we would people traditionally eat this and you could actually happened as an appetizer but not looks like a great dinner everything is creamy has got riches and i put a little bit of whiskey and the whiskey is bloodied butcher which o rei and he just this is just a touch of it just to give it some place when he making i will definitely take this making people hungry this morning just like thank you so much for joining us.

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