STEM Art Camp

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Published on June 12, 2019 -

STEM Art Camp

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs is taking on their summer art camp in a special way.

STEM Art Camp

The walter anderson museum of - art in ocean springs is - taking on their summer art camp- in a special way.

- they are using art as a - launching point to talk about - all - the elements that go into desig- and creativity... with- a special focus on all things s- t-e-m!- so far this week they have- talked about and created a mura- of endangered species on the- coast to incorporate- science.- and for engineering, they took- buildings in- ocean springs and recreated the- using cardboard and - paint.- today, they focused on math and- how they can use it to- scale a picture to a smaller- size while drawing!

- each day they have gone to the- museum to see how stem played - a role in walter anderson art a- well.

- - heather montgomery/wama art cam- teacher:"the kids get - to see the museum from a new- viewpoint, a new perspective an- they get to realize how - important creativity is when it- comes to science, technology, - - - - engineering and math."

:"i've - had a good time because it is a- new experience that i haven't - been to - before."

:"i have had a - good time this week and my- favorite part was drawing the - - - - maps from the walter anderson - museum."- if your kid missed out on the - camp this week, no- worries.- they are other camps througohut- the summer at wama.

- you can find those camps on - their website at walter anderso- museum of art dot org.- -

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