Democrats Move to Neutralize National Emergency

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Published on February 27, 2019 -
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Democrats Move to Neutralize National Emergency

Four news at ten with bill burr.

This despite twenty four news at ten democrats in congress with the help of some republicans are moving forward to that in their effort to neutralize president trump's national emergency declaration along the southern border.

Fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us where things they at least three senate republicans are signaling they'll join with democrats opposing the president's executive action personally couldn't handicap the outcome at this point but we will certainly be voting on it maine susan collins alaska's lisa murkowski and thom tillis in north carolina are sending the white house a message.

Everything that the president wants to do with this money i completely agree with how he's going about it for that one takes the emerging powers pieces here that i have some concern tillis warns republicans will live to regret going along now when there's a democrat in the white house later one more republican would give democrats fifty one votes enough to embarrass the president and democrats are making their case because playing the constitution there's really no fat her face this past paragraph the history the issue dominated discussion on the house floor.

Now president trump is acting like a dictator.

Democrats acted on a measure disapproving president trump's move to build his border wall the president's declaration is a phony fraudulent and fake national emergency.

Top house republicans tried to keep defections down democratic presidents have used this power because they have the right to use his power a number of presidents republican and democrats have used this power for numerous things and they have the power to do it.

Congress had voted to allow it illinois republican congressman adam can sing or just back from a deployment with the air national guard to the southern border.

Kids in her calls when he saw their disturbing national emergency isn't about the immigration issue it's about the drugs and it's about the human trafficking i saw both of those regularly every flight democrats acknowledge getting a veto proof majority is a steep hill to climb but some sources suggest forcing president trump to use his veto pen for the first

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