Limestone Co. Sheriff Thinks Parole Board Has Been Doing OK

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Published on October 18, 2018 -

Limestone Co. Sheriff Thinks Parole Board Has Been Doing OK

Sheriff Mike Blakely says that if he every warned of an inmate was unfit for parole, they listened.

Limestone Co. Sheriff Thinks Parole Board Has Been Doing OK

New at six... waay 31 found out, not all police agencies believe governor ivey's executive action will bring lasting change.

It's not just a situation of, "awe, look, the parole board messed up.

We need to go ahead and throw the baby out with the dishwater.

The legislature needs to address some issues with the problems we've got in our prison system.

That's limestone county sheriff mike blakely..he says the order isn't all that necessary.

Waay 31's scottie kay joins us live from the sheriff's office to explain why.


Dan, demetria... sheriff blakely says while it's important to make sure violent offenders aren't released early, he says measures are already in place to keep it from happening.

Mike blakely, sheriff of limestone county "i have never, in my 36 years as sheriff, had the parole boardif i went down and opposed someone being released early or if i wrote a letter opposing thatthey have always honored our requests and did not grant parole at that time."

That's the experience limestone county sheriff mike blakely has had with the alabama pardons and paroles board.

And that's why he doesn't think they should be under fire.

Sot mike blakely, sheriff of limestone county "when somebody's pointing fingers at the parole board, they've got four fingers pointing back at them, because this is largely due to the governor and legislature, where they have not done what they should do in making sure we've got enough parole officers out there to adequately follow up on these people when they're turned loose."

However, sheriff blakely says he understands that sometimes things can fall through the cracks... like releasing people like jimmy spencer.

Sot mike blakely, sheriff of limestone county "there's a lot of people that are turned loose that have nothing in their time while incarcerated or their previous crimes that indicate they would come out and kill somebody, but we have that happen all the time, too."

But still, sheriff blakely says the executive order wasn't exactly needed.

Sot mike blakely, sheriff of limestone county "i'm more concerned about the people out there on the streets that we can't get in prison than the ones that have served some time and are getting out."

Sheriff blakely did tell me that he is happy with governor ivey's decision to name lyn head as the new chairman of the boardsaying she is well- qualified and cares about the public's safety.

Reporting in limestone county, sk, waay 31 news for all of the i-team discoveries on jimmy spencer and the alabama board of pardons and paroles go to waay tv dot com and click

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