Ted Cruz visits Tyler

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Published on August 25, 2018 -
Ted Cruz visits Tyler

Ted Cruz visits Tyler

Halls were held across the country.

This for u-s senators to discuss obamacare - and hear concerns and comments from people in their state.

U-s senator ted cruz spoke with doctors at christus trinity mother frances this afternoon.

Ketk's karah rucker joins us live from the hospital.

Karah, what all did he discuss?

Karah rucker: daniel, ted cruz had a lot to say to these health care professionals during their meeting today.

He says the country has many problems in the area of health care---but there are solutions.

U-s- senator ted cruz says the first thing to be done to move health care in the right direction----remove obama care.

He says people need more choices, lower costs---- and obamacare gave less choices, higher costs.

Senator cruz says you should be in charge of your healthcare, not the workplace or government.

He says it should be personal, portable, affordable, and go with you from job to job.

"i think healthcare reform should expand competition, should expand choice, should expand the marketplace, should empower you the patients to make your own healthcare decisions.

You and your doctor should be making your healthcare decisions without government getting in the middle of it."

Karah rucker: senator cruz says the purpose for today's meeting was to hear from the doctors, nurses, and health care professionals.

He says these are the people who know the subject better than him and anyone else.

Senator cruz says he remains optimistic health care can improve under the new administration.

Karah rucker: senator cruz also discussed his debate with senator bernie sanders about obamacare early this week.

He also gave us his reaction to the nine court's decision of president donald trump's executive action on immigration.

We'll have that tonight at ten.

Reporting live in tyler, karah rucker ketk news.

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