Protest on Springfield square over executive order

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Published on August 25, 2018 -
Critics protested in Springfield over President Trump's temporary travel ban.

Protest on Springfield square over executive order

The citizens of the united states.

Ky3's paula morehouse has more on the people in the ozarks voicing their opinion against the 90-day travel ban.

>> reporter: opposition to president trump's temporary travel ban spilled into the scare in springfield.

>> they are looking for a home to be safe and a future.

>> just because somebody is different than you doesn't mean they should be any lower than you or be restricted to live their life and be human.

>> reporter: the protest is one of many around the country following the executive action the president signed on friday.

It imposess a 90-day restriction of people coming into the i.t.s.

From seven predominantly muslim countries and stops the admission of syrian refugees indefinitely.

>> i feel like it's telling mostly women and young children and young families that they are going to be -- we would rather see them die in their country by a leader who is killing his own people than welcome them into this country.

>> reporter: the president said he wants to institute new vetting methods.

The administration is standing by its decision.

>> we're going to put the safety of americans first.

We're not going to wait and react.

>> reporter: while the executive order is drawing criticism, it's also eliciting praise.

During ky3's facebook live of the demonstration on the square there were comments like these.

Every president in at least the last 30 years has had to do this for national security and president trump is not banning the immigrants, just changing the vetting process to protect the citizens of the united states.

As these protests pop up across the country, there are more legal challenges.

Nard to the aclu, washington state and california

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