Local universities keeping a close eye on the impact of new

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Published on August 25, 2018 -
Local universities keeping a close eye on the impact of new travel ban

Local universities keeping a close eye on the impact of new

Over how the travel ban will affect international students.

Dbbx: trump travel ban 47 a-b-c's dani bozzini tells us what the universities and colleges here on the delmarva peninsula are doing about it.

Dani... thank you emily.

What i have in my hands -- right here -- are the official statements from the major universities here on delmarva.

After reviewing them -- it's clear -- they all had a similar message.

The priority is to protect each and every one of their students -- from all countries -- but especially those affected by the 90 day travel ban.

But for some schools -- identifying and helping those students is still a work in progress -- because it's just day one of the spring semester.

Track one this is a shot of salisbury university -- monday night.

Campus -- quiet -- despite obvious concerns by university officials -- about international students potentially affected by president trump's temporary travel ban.

While there were no student protests on delmarva.

There were plenty of university students -- shoulder to shoulder with concerned citizens -- taking a stand from coast to coast.

"refugees are welcome here!"

Track two president trump's executive action -- bans travelers from seven predominately muslim countries -- for 90 days.

Four delmarva universities -- are now in the process of trying to determine how severe of an impact this ban will have on international students.

The university of delaware sent out this email to students... warning foreign students and faculty -- from the banned nations -- to not travel out of the country.

For fear that they won't be able to get back into the u-s.

A similar message from delaware state university.

A spokesperson admits they are in the process of directly contacting the few students -- directly affected..

And the chancellor -- for the university system of maryland -- which represents all public universities -- issued two statements regarding the ban.

A spokesman for the chancellors office -- tells us they're still learning more details about the ban -- but even if just one student is affected -- that is one too many.

U-m-e-s president -- juliette bell -- sent out her own letter monday evening -- in support of the chancellor's statements.

We're told -- it doesn't appear that any u-m-e-s international students -- are from the affected countries.

The spokesperson for the chancellors office for maryland's university system admits -- dealing with the travel ban -- is still a learning process for everybody.


Dani -- when we were talking about your story earlier -- you said -- it was tough trying to get anyone to speak on camera -- or over the phone in a recorded interview.

This is obviously a contentious issue.

Who did you reach out to -- and did they give you a reason as to why they didn't want to speak on the record?

After they e-mailed these statements -- a number of spokespeople did speak to me over the phone -- to answer any questions i had.

They claimed it was too early to speak officially.

But -- it was interesting that all of the universities deferred to the details in these hard copy statements -- turning the opportunity for on camera -- or phone -- interviews.

Alright thank you, dani.

It will be interesting to see if that changes in the coming days.

Again -- 47 a-b-c's dani bozzini reporting live in studio tonight.

Speaking of changes -- house and senate democrats

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