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5PM 12252016

Merry christmas texoma!

Before we get into christmas related news across the area...there is some sad news overnight... a rollover accident on the corner of martin luther king boulevard and scott avenue sent two people to the hospital.the full story is coming up right after this.

((--pause for 5 intro--)) (--samaria--) good evening 3 and thank you for joining us!

I'm samaria terrythe wreck happened around 10:40 last night when a pickup truck was believed to have been speeding going eastbound on scott avenue.authorities say the truck then hit the median and went through a stop sign... then crashed through a fence... and rolled over.the two people that were in the truck were both ejected from the vehicle and transported to the hospital with one person believed to have a serious hand injury while the other person's injuries are unknown.

There is no word on how the accident occured at this time.

(--samaria--)a powerful earthquake shook southern chile today (sunday), prompting officials to order an evacuation of coastal areas to guard against a possible tsunami.the u-s geological survey put the quake's magnitude at seven-point-six.

It struck a relatively sparsely populated area some 800 miles south of the capital santiago.

Chile's naval oceanographic service declared a preventative tsunami alert and officials began evacuating coastal areas in the southern part of the country.a much stronger magnitude eight- point-eight earthquake in february 2010 generated a tsunami and killed 524 people in chile.

(--samaria--)now lets check in with kevin for what the weather is going to look like as we continue on through this christmas day.(--kevin--) becoming less windy and some sun will return with a quiet week ahead.(--samaria--) alright, thanks kevin!

3 (--samaria--)vernon hosted their 30th annual christmas dinner this afternoon.anthony miller had a chance to step in and see the community come together for one huge christmas meal.he joins us now for more.(--anthony--)samaria-- hundreds of members of the vernon community came out to the wilbarger memorial auditorium where they served free food to the public.almost 200 people came to dine in the auditorium as they had a meal that consisted of turkey... stuffing... mashed potatoes... and plenty of tasty desserts.the holiday meal program was started by pat and glenna bryant back in 1987 to help the vernon community during the holidays.

Last year... the couple retired from the program and has since been taken over by billy and sharon goins.sharon goins knew this was an opportunity to step up for their community.sharon goins/ organizer"pat and glenna bryant put the word out at thanksgiving last year that they were ready to retire.

Start having christmas and thanksgiving with their family.

So we decided that it was something we can do.

We prayed about it, talked about it as a family and decided that this is something that we can do to help out."the group ended up giving out a total of 947 meals to local families in vernon.

(--anthony--)tonight at ten... i'll give you the full story about pat bryant who passed away this morning and the legacy that he left behind.

(--samaria--)anthony, thank you.

And over in seymour--- a local flower shop hosted a christmas dinner for those in the community that would be alone over the holidays---or didn't have the means to enjoy a home cooked holiday meal.the dinner was held at the southern stems flower shop on main street.

And owner haili mcnair says to see people in the community come in and enjoy the spirit and love of christmas with them is wonderful.haili mcnair/ owner, southern stems flower shop "especially when they eat more than one helping and you know it really was a good thing for them and it meant a lot to them too."mcnair says the dinner wouldn't have happened without the huge donations from the community.she says since the turnout was so good this year she plans to make it a seymour tradition.

(--samaria--)coming up...we'll continue our tops stories of 2016.after kevin's full weather forecast...we'll break down how harrold isd and wichita falls was at the center of the transgender rights battle and the outcome of that federal case.

Stay with us!

Bump in holiday greetings tonight--)3 mostly clear, with a low around 40.

West southwest wind 7 to 11 mph.

Mondaymostly sunny, with a high near 62.

West southwest wind 6 to 8 mph.

Monday nightmostly clear, with a low around 36.

Light and variable wind becoming north northeast around 6 mph after midnight.

Tuesdaysunny, with a high near 58.

North northeast wind around 6 mph becoming light and variable.

Tuesday nightpartly cloudy, with a low around 42.

Wednesday mostly sunny, with a high near 66.

Wednesday nightmostly clear, with a low around 38.

Thursdaymostly sunny, with a high near 56.

Thursday night partly cloudy, with a low around 33.

Fridaya 20 percent chance of showers.

Partly sunny, with a high near 50.

Friday nighta 20 percent chance of showers.

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 36.

Saturdaya 20 percent chance of showers.

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 57.

(--samaria--) in 2016, 11 states.... including the state of texas.... filed a lawsuit against an obama administration transgender bathroom directive....that said school districts should allow transgender people to use the bathroom according to the sex they identify with.a texoma district was one of the first to join the legal battle in the federal courts...... tonight we continue with our countdown of the top stories of 2016--the fight on transgender rights.((samaria terry reporting)) the harrold isd, which attracted national attention when it became one of the first districts to adopt a gun carry policy, also was back in the news in 2016 with its bathroom policy....which directly conficts with the president's directive.according to harrold superintendent david thweatt--- the policy states students will used the bathroom based on their birth certificate.... their sex at birth, regardless of how they may identify themselves.

And texas attorney general ken paxton.... announced texas would be fighting the directive by filing a federal lawsuit with the harrold district, against the administration's directive.

Ken paxton//texas attorney general "we're taking this action to protect harrold independent school district which on monday night fulfilled a responsibility to their community by adopting a bathroom policy that puts the safety of their students first."

The transgender bathroom mandate isn't law.... but some school officials are worried that if they don't fall in line... they could lose federal funding.david thweatt//harrold isd superintendent "the obama administration is unlawfully intruding on local matters by imposing the one size fits all decree for texas schools.

Washington's mandate doesn't fit our schools.... so we are suing to keep the federal government out of our children's locker rooms.... and restrooms."

Governor greg abbott said the directive was similiar to a proclamation by a king....saying "the obama administration has routinely trampled on the united states constitution, and this latest executive action is yet another example of the administration's disregard for the rule of law.

The president continues to violate the constitution by trying to re- write laws as if he were a king."deanna deville---a transgender woman from lawton, decided she should speak up for other people who are transgender.deanna deville/ transgender woman "i did ask the board, rhetorically, if the los angeles school district with 900,000 students has had their policy in place since 2004 or 14 years and has never had an incident, why can't it work in harrold, texas."

Deanna deville's goal was to allow the people of harrold to see and hear from an actual transgender person....to open their eyes to the issue after a federal judge in texas blocked the federal bathroom directive.

Deville was a warrant officer in the u-s army where she spent 26 years on active duty and then worked as an analyst for a defense contractor for 11 years.

She's now 65...but began transitioning 10 years ago.

Deanna deville/ transgender woman "i didn't want to transition.

I was succesful, i was a man, i had everthing i could want, i had a great life.

I still have a good life.

But when you're transgender and it's time to transition, you will transition.

It's that powerful."

Deanna deville/ transgender woman"attorney general paxton voiced a concern that, "oh somebody's going to come in and today i'm male, today i'm female, tomorrow i'm male, the day after that i'm going to be female.

It doesn't work like that.

It's consistent."

A u-s district judge decided he needed more time and information to rule on the fight over whether the injunction against the policy is enforceable, and whether it is too broad and applies to other cases.

Meanwhile, other transgender people and their supporters came to wichita falls to speak out...marilyn morrison/ transgender girl"i did hear a couple stuff, and what i heard i did not like.

What the judge said i did not like."

"i don't know why they're fighting over this, why can't we all just be loving and accepting.

And make this world a better place."

Chelsa morrison/ marilyn's mother"i had to pull marrilyn out of school yesterday because of repeated bullying."

Mark phariss/ board member, equality texas "they deserve better from the state of texas and they deserve better, frankly, from the attorney general who took an oath to serve and protect all texans."

Wichita falls federal judge reed o'connor ruled that a preliminary injunction against the obama administration over bathroom rights for transgender students.... does apply to states nationwide.

The justice department had requested that the the injunction be limited to just the 13 states in the lawsuit.

Judge o'connor denied the request.(--samaria--)the injunction prevents the departments of justice and education from withholding federal dollars from school districts that do not make bathrooms available to students based on their gender identity.the recent opinion marks another victory for plaintiffs.... that includes the harrold school district.

(----)now we've got ruthie polinsky in with sports!

(--ruthie--) merry christmas, silver star nation!let's hear mickey's key's to merry christmas, silver star nation!let's hear mickey's key's to tomorrow's game as the cowboys host the lions.mickey spagnola/silver star nation"even though the dallas cowboys have already clinched the number one seed in the nfc, and even though this is christmas day, we're still going to give you some silver star nation keys to the cowboys game monday night against the detroit lions.

And that first key is going to be cut down the penalties.

In the last three games the cowboys have committed 23 penalties.

It's not so much about the total, it's about when they're committing penalties, cause drives to be cut short, cause drives to force field goals instead of scoring touchdowns.

And in this last game against tampa bay it actually cost them a twenty yard touchdown pass, they've got to be careful when they're committing these penalties.

The second key is, run zeke run!

The detroit lions have the 11th ranked rushing defense.

The cowboys have the second ranked rushing offense.

Ezekiel elliott leads the league averaging 110 yards a game.

He needs to continue doing this behind that offensive line that received those vehicles from him for christmas.

I'm sure he hopes they continue mowing down defenders.

And the third key is stay healthy.

The cowboys have enough injuries heading into this second to last game of the season, they don't need any more injuries before they play that first playoff game january 14th or january 15th.

For the silver star nation, on christmas day, i'm mickey spagnola."

Babe laufenberg"and we are here with cowboys defensive lineman jack crawford for the one-minute drill.

What do you think about this one-minute drill, are you ready?"jack crawford"oh yeah i'm ready."

Babe"you grew up in london, came to the united states when you were sixteen.

What did you know about american football at that point?"crawford "absolutely nothing.

Nothing, nope.

I went out for the team my junior year of high school.

I hadn't played before.

I went out as a wide receiver and a defensive end.

Pretty much lined up off-sides every play my first game."babe"when you were in london, you went to school with the original harry potter.

The actor, daniel radcliffe.

When did you realize, oh that's that guy i went to school with!"crawford "as soon as i saw it, i was like, that's crazy!

I was in his class!"babe"at what point did you go from wide receiver to a defensive lineman.

In other words, at what point did you go from calf to cow?"

Crawford"at penn state he asked me if i wanted to play tight end or defensive end, and i wanted to play defensive end."babe"you know all the offensive guys get all the girls, though right?"crawford "i know, man, i just didn't like blocking, i still don't like blocking."babe"so what's your christmas going to hold for jack crawford?"crawford "you know, you don't always get to spend it with your family back home, playing in the nfl, but you get to spend it with your teammates, so you have them kind of like family, too."babe"do you know what my christmas gift is to you, jack?"crawford"what's that?"

Babe"i'm letting you in the one-minute drill today."jack "alright, cool."babe"what do you think about that?

Best thing you've ever received?"

Crawford"best present i've ever received."babe"there we go!

It's only going to get better for you, trust me.

That's jack crawford, i'm babe laufenberg, and that's our one- minute drill."7:30 kickoff on monday night at at&t stadium as the cowboys host the lions ---christmas day hoops!

The nba championship rematch....the cavs hosting the golden state warriors... ---4th quarter....tied at 105....steph curry...does what steph curry does...he hits the 3....gives the warriors a 3 pt lead---later warriors up one....kyrie irving drives....steps back for the dirty fall away jumper and hits it.....cavs take a 1 point lead with 3.4 seconds remaining!!!!---last chance for the warriors....in bound pass to kevin durant he looses his balance....falls to the ground can't make the shot....cavs win it!!!

109-108 ---the cavs were down by as much as 14 to come back to win this one....almost like that one time they were down 3-1 in the nba finals and came back to win....---we'll have extended highlights of this game tonight on sports sunday (--samaria--) this wonderful piece is by our very own photojournalist miguel jaime...showing all the wonderful activities that happened to get people in the christmas spirit.

(--kevin--)before we go, lets take a look at your weather.

(--samaria--) merry christmas!

(--ruthie--)we'll see you back here after the game.

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