Artificial Intelligence From MIT Senses Humans Through Walls

Wochit - Thursday, 14 June 2018

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, or CSAIL, can nearly see through walls. “RF-Pose,” their latest project, uses artificial intelligence to analyze radio signals bouncing off human bodies. The neural network then creates a stick figure that walks, stops, sits, and moves its limbs as the person does. And it does it all from the other side of a partition. The group, led by CSAIL professor Dina Katabi, is working with doctors to explore RF-Pose’s applications in healthcare- specifically to track disease and assist the elderly, according to “We’ve seen that monitoring patients’ walking speed and ability to do basic activities on their own gives health care providers a window into their lives that they [doctors] didn’t have before, which could be meaningful for a whole range of diseases,” -Katabi RF-Pose could also be used in search-and-rescue missions to locate survivors, or even for video games, where players move around their location..

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