Redacted Mueller Report Will Be 'Released Within a Week'

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on April 10, 2019
by 👩‍💻 Alice Monroe

Amid growing pressure to release the full report of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s campaign allegedly colluding with Russia, Attorney General William Barr has announced that he will be aiming to release a redacted version of events in a week’s time. Making the statement as of Tuesday, April 9th, AG Barr also made it clear that he would not be releasing an unredacted version to Congress, according to CNN.

“I don’t intend at this stage to send the full, unredacted report to the committee,” Barr confirmed via House subcommittee. Refusal to release such data, which has proven controversial with sitting Democrats, could potential spark further debate.

Barr has asserted that he will explain why redactions have been made from Mueller’s report, which was recently delivered to exonerate Trump and his team from any wrongful collusion with Russian authorities on the run-up to the 2016 US General Election. Democrats, meanwhile, have continued to push for the full document to be released, with talk of subpoenas having been rife in recent weeks.

William Barr Says Mueller Report Will Be Public 'Within a Week' [video: Veuer]

Senators in Congress representing the Democratic Party are openly willing to pursue a full release of Mueller’s documents via the courts. House Judiciary Democrats have already lined up a subpoena to obtain the full lowdown, while Chairman Jerry Nader advises he will be waiting to see Barr’s delivery before forging ahead.

“The question is what we receive,” Nadler stated. “Do we receive a full copy of the Mueller Report and the documentation underneath it? Do we receive most of it with a little redaction or do they completely expurgate it? We’ll have to take a look at it.”

Barr’s release of a four-page summary of the extensive report drew criticism from Democrats. It’s also been revealed that Mueller rejected the opportunity to review Barr’s conclusions. This came as pressure mounted on the AG to release a summary of sorts.

“I suspect they probably wanted more put out,” Barr commented, referring to Mueller’s team. “In my view, I was not interested in putting out summaries or trying to summarise, because I think any summary, regardless of who prepares it, not only runs the risk of being under-inclusive or over-inclusive, but also would trigger a lot of discussion and analysis that really should await everything coming out at once.”

Following Barr’s statement as of April 9th, many will be keen to see what is made public by April 16th.

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Published on April 9, 2019 -  00:32
AG Barr Says Redacted Mueller Report Will Be Released Next Week
Attorney General William Barr said he expects to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report "within a week." According to CNN, he doesn't plan to provide Congress with an unredacted version of the report. He told a House subcommittee that he wouldn't accede to Democrats' demands that he provide the full, unredacted report to Congress. Democrats are prepared to go to court in an effort to obtain the unredacted Mueller report and the special counsel's underlying evidence. So far, Barr has only released a 4-page summary of Mueller's nearly 400 page report.

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