Data Hack Reveals EU’s Concerns Over Trump

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 21, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Adam Yardley

While the European Union has been in the news for the past few years for reasons relating to the UK’s forthcoming withdrawal, a completely different headline has emerged in the last few days with regard to how some EU member states feel regarding the future of the US, specifically that of President Donald Trump. Trump, who moved to take the US out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement earlier this year, has been seen as a divisive figure for some time – perhaps no more so in Europe, where a number of high profile politicians have discussed their concerns regarding his ongoing leadership.

These concerns, according to The Independent, have come to light as a result of a hack into a number of EU cables. It’s thought that, according to sources, the perpetrators supposedly emanate from China – however, the exact source of the attacks remains up in the air at this time. What remains more newsworthy, however, is what data seized from the leak appears to suggest – and quite what the impact will be upon US-EU relations remains to be seen.

Data provided by cybersecurity specialists Area 1 to the New York Times appears to suggest that some European officials were concerned that Trump was continuing to ‘bully’ China as if he was ‘in a no-rules freestyle boxing match’. Documents also appeared to claim that thoughts surrounding a meeting between Trump and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin were ‘successful’, but only for the latter.

Report: Hacked EU Cables Show Concerns About Trump [video]

The documents were discovered by Area 1 and were delivered in a mass of up to 1,100 different cables, though many more are thought to have been hacked and accessed. Specialists at the firm believe that the findings suggest a further rabbit hole to travel down – while the New York Times claims that the techniques used to access the EU cables resembled ‘those long used by an elite unit of China’s People’s Liberation Army’.

“We estimate that the ones we found are a small fraction of the overall operation,” Area 1’s Blake Darche advised. “From what we can see, the EU has a significant problem on their hands.”

The EU is, reportedly, investigating. “The Council Secretariat is aware of allegations regarding a potential leak of sensitive information and is actively investigating the issue,” according to an official statement.

Who’s at fault here? The investigation continues – bringing a dramatic year for the EU to a close.

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