Facebook Could Be Set to Face Its 'Killer Blow'

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 27, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Simon Baxendale

If you look back at our staff stories from the past year, you’ll likely find Facebook finding some slot or other in our weekly postings. To say it’s been a dramatic year for Mark Zuckerberg and his social network remains fairly understated. Things kicked off in a bad way for Facebook earlier in the year after it emerged that 87 million users’ data was apparently shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica – which has since tied up its operations – and from then on, faced with further concerns over privacy and safeguarding, the platform appears to be very slowly falling from public grace.

Facebook Wanted To Sell User Data [video]

2018 is far from over for Zuckerberg et al as far as the scandals and drama are concerned. Following on from Facebook reportedly having provided around 150 firms and developers with users’ private messages, a lawsuit aimed at Cambridge Analytica is mounting, which the social network may find difficult to dodge at least from a reputation standpoint. The lawsuit in question emerges as a result of the aforementioned Cambridge Analytica saga, which is being met with concerns filed in line with the UK’s Data Protection Act.

Professor David Carroll is suing Cambridge Analytica in line with the DPA following the scandal from earlier this year – and with the attorney general for the District of Columbia also levying Facebook with a lawsuit regarding the same issues, Carroll believes that the overall weight of pressure could well be enough for Facebook to buckle under the strain. Add this to mounting pressure from several US agencies, and 2019 could be just as dramatic a year for the firm.

“Even as someone who is deeply sceptical of Facebook, I was surprised by the latest revelations,” Prof Carroll confirmed. “I didn’t know it could be that bad in terms of scope and scale. But it all seems to fit with Zuckerberg’s master plan for global domination.” Carroll is an outspoken critic of Facebook and Zuckerberg, having called for the firm’s joint CEO and Chairman to be subpoenaed.

Carroll believes that Facebook may have been dealt its ‘knockout’ blow. However, despite pressure from a variety of angles – including shareholders – the network remains immensely popular with regular users, with over two billion still registered and using the service. While these sagas may chip away at the armor – will it be enough to topple Goliath?

Facebook faces lawsuit for Cambridge Analytica privacy breach [video]

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