UK govt hoping for French cooperation on Channel migrants despite being disinvited from talks

Credit: Sky News- Published on November 28, 2021
The government is hoping the French will work with the UK on halting migrant crossings despite being disinvited from talks.

Video credit: Oneindia
Published on November 29, 2021 -  01:54
France Steps Up Patrol after 27 Migrant Death after boat capsizes in English Channel | Oneindia News
The deaths of 27 people in the English Channel are deepening tensions between Britain and France. The French interior minister has canceled weekend talks with his UK counterpart after suggestions that France was not doing enough to stop migrants trying to reach England by boat. DW correspondent Jack Parrock is in the French port of Calais. He spoke to people hoping to cross the Channel. #Migrant #Sea #DWVideo

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