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Amazon Prime Day

As we approach back-to-school time, you may consider purchasing an Apple iPad with Wi-Fi for your students. Then again, you may just want one for yourself...
17 hours ago • Daily Caller

Prime Day

Amazon fulfillment center workers in Shakopee, Minnesota, along with some Seattle tech employees, plan to start walking out Monday afternoon.
11 hours ago •

Amazon Prime

Ever have trouble finding places outside to store stuff? You don’t want to carry your garden and pool supplies in and out of the house every time you need it...
13 hours ago • Daily Caller

Democratic Congresswomen / Racist

Four Democratic congresswomen of color targeted by President Trump are pushing back against his remarks. The president continued his attacks at the White House,..
8 hours ago • CBS News

Jeffrey Epstein

A federal judge will decide the question of Jeffrey Epstein's continued detention on Thursday, he announced at a bail hearing on Monday. In the interim, the..
13 hours ago • Gothamist


Tuesday marks 50 years since three men in space suits set off on the greatest scientific adventure of all time. As the astronauts of Apollo 11 headed to the..
8 hours ago • CBS News

Trump Administration

The Trump administration on Monday moved to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants in a major escalation of the president's battle to tamp..
16 hours ago • CBS News


(Getty Images/Zach Gibson) ( - Rep. Ilhan Omar said at the Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia this past weekend that she is “ashamed” of..
17 hours ago •

Rico Governor / Puerto Rico

Police tried to disperse the marchers with pepper spray in front of the Fortaleza governor's residence, which was protected by barricades
3 hours ago • CBS News

Sweet Pea / Pernell Whitaker

Former world champion boxer Pernell 'Sweet Pea' Whitaker dies after being hit by a vehicle in the US, police say.
13 hours ago • BBC News


Codebreaker and computing pioneer Alan Turing has been chosen as the face of Britain's new 50 pound note, the Bank of England announced.
11 hours ago • Newsday

Iran Nuclear Deal

France seeks answers to detention of expert from a Parisian university
13 hours ago •

Ocasio Cortez

'Any act of violence is of course terrible'
9 hours ago • Daily Caller

Jeff Bezos

As America marks the 50th anniversary of man's first trip to the moon, Jeff Bezos is contemplating the future. He spoke to "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing..
8 hours ago • CBS News

Grease Trap

A toddler died Monday in what police are describing as a “horrifying episode” at a New York Tim Horton’s.
13 hours ago •

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