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Climate Change

Tokyo (AFP) May 22, 2019

Climate change that has warmed the world's oceans has prompted a "worrying" northward migration among some communities of the..
5 hours ago • Terra Daily

Jeff Bezos

Dropoff During a question and answer session at Wednesday’s annual shareholder meeting, a disgruntled Amazon customer and investor made an unusual request of..
4 hours ago • Futurism

Google Duplex

AI Cosplay The New York Times found that some 25 percent of Google’s controversial AI-powered Duplex robo-callers actually turn out to be humans in call..
2 hours ago • Futurism

Billion Year Old Fungi

Paris (AFP) May 22, 2019

Scientists have unearthed fossilised fungi dating back up to one billion years, in a discovery that could reshape our..
5 hours ago • Terra Daily

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