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Meghan Markle

OPINION: There is a certain irony to the Queen: She is the head of the world's oldest institution, bar one. (The Pope and his millennia-old church beat her..
16 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


"There is nowhere else I'd rather be, nothing else I would prefer to be doing. I am at the beach looking west with the continent behind me as the sun tracks down..
4 hours ago • New Zealand Herald

Dave Prowse / Darth Vader

Dave Prowse, the former bodybuilder, who was best known for playing Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died. "May the force be with him, always,"..
9 hours ago • Deutsche Welle

David Prowse

Prowse, a weightlifter-turned-actor, died following a short illness.ย 
5 hours ago • Zee News

Boko Haram / Nigeria

Assailants tied up agricultural workers, slit their throats in village of Koshobe, militia says
17 hours ago • VOA News

Vanderbilt Kicker

Sarah Fuller kicked off for Vanderbilt to start the second half at Missouri
15 hours ago • VOA News

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse 2020 timings and date: The lunar eclipse will begin at 1:04 pm on November 30 and will be at its peak at 3:13 pm.ย 
14 hours ago • Zee News

Mike Tyson

Former heavyweight champ took part to raise money for charity
7 hours ago • VOA News

Divya Bhatnagar

Talking to ET, Divyaโ€™s mother said that the actress had fever for the past six days and had been feeling โ€œvery uneasyโ€.ย 
3 hours ago • Zee News

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