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TV Device

Comcast Corp said on Wednesday it will offer internet customers a free streaming media set top box that works with other services, stepping up competition with..
10 hours ago • Reuters

Justin Trudeau

Not for the first time this year, a politician has apologized for a racist photo discovered in an old yearbook.

This time itโ€™s Justin Trudeau, the..
2 hours ago • Mashable

Sandy Hook Promise

A new back-to-school PSA released by the nonprofit gun violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise on Wednesday is hard to watch, but there is a..
12 hours ago • Mashable

Facebook Unveils

Facebook Inc unveiled new models of its Portal video chatting devices on Wednesday, making the company's first foray into TV streaming hardware but offering a..
17 hours ago • Reuters

Elizabeth Warren

In an appearance on The Late Show on Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren told Stephen Colbert that the "most fun" part of her presidential campaign is taking selfies with..
14 hours ago • Mashable

Breaking Bad

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will not only stream on Netflix when it premieres in October, but in select theaters around the country.

14 hours ago • Mashable

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