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Peanut Butter

Sometimes you just look at a thing that suddenly exists and ask yourself “Holy shit, why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” So when I booted up Twitter..
13 hours ago • The Next Web


As the coronavirus spreads, Japan is now encouraging companies to have their employees telecommute in an effort to contain the virus.

The post Japan..
1 hour ago • WebProNews

Bob Chapek

Closing out one of the most successful runs as CEO, Bob Iger is stepping down and being replaced by Bob Chapek as head of Walt Disney.

The post Bob..
3 hours ago • WebProNews


Anyone who watched '90s horror classic Candyman knows that the one thing you don't do is say Candyman's name five times. Unless, of course, you want to summon a..
14 hours ago • Mashable


It's not every day a person captures footage of a javelina sprinting down a civilian street, so when someone does it rightfully creates quite the stir..
10 hours ago • Mashable

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