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The total number of coronavirus cases reported across the United States has reached 3.3 million. On Sunday, Florida recorded the highest number of coronavirus..
11 hours ago • CBS News

Face Coverings

The new rules will apply from 24 July and those failing to comply will face a fine of up to ยฃ100.
3 hours ago • BBC News


In an attempt to increase hospital capacity, Medicaid officials have agreed to waive regulations that require hospitals to obtain prior authorization before..
6 hours ago •

George Floyd

(Natural News) Regardless of what George Floyd did in his past, he didnโ€™t deserve to have the life choked out of him on a dingy, dirty Minneapolis street..
15 hours ago •

Ted Cruz

A spokesperson for Cruz said he wears a mask while traveling and had taken it off to drink and put it back on afterward, although there is no mask visible.
4 hours ago • CBS News

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