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Service Program

Apple is extending its service program for MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboard repairs to include models released in 2018, and it making it faster for end-users as..
3 hours ago • AppleInsider

Canada / Health

Owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 in Canada could be able to use the ECG app to monitor their heart in the near future, after regulator Health Canada has..
8 hours ago • AppleInsider


Health Canada has cleared the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications on the Apple Watch Series 4, suggesting that both features will make their..
7 hours ago •

Apple Pay

Apple Pay officially launched in Hungary and Luxembourg today, enabling bank card holders there to use Apple's mobile payment system for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and..
10 hours ago •

Buy Tesla

Apple's automotive ambitions could have been augmented with the acquisition of Tesla, an analyst claims, with the iPhone maker said to have made a "serious bid"..
8 hours ago • AppleInsider

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