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Read Article Trend Micro has released its 2019 security roundup report. The report details the most important issues and changes in the threat landscape to..
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Read Article A new report from Accenture and Qlik, titled  “The Human Impact of Data Literacy” and conducted on behalf of The Data Literacy Project, has..
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Read Article  At Future Decoded : Tech Summit, a conclave for Indian developers, technologists and industry leaders, Microsoft today showcased how innovative..
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Cisco SecureX provides a comprehensive user experience across the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and customers’ existing security..
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In an interview with Vanity Fair today, Rian Johnson, who directed the popular movie "Knives Out," shared an interesting tidbit about iPhone product placement..
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The iPhone XR was the world's most popular smartphone in 2019, with Apple outshipping all other smartphone models, according to new data shared today by research..
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Subtitled "Building Cloud Native Applications with Go and Java for Docker and Kubernetes", this book shows how the gRPC interprocess communication protocol is..
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At this time of year, Apple engineers and executives typically visit China as Apple's suppliers start getting ready to manufacture new iPhones, but that..
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The United States National Transportation Safety Board today conducted a hearing dissecting the fatal 2018 crash of Apple engineer Walter Huang, who was using..
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The United States Federal Trade Commission today announced that it is sending out refund checks totaling over $1.7 million to people who fell victim to tech..
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Ahead of Apple's 2020 shareholders meeting, which is set to take place tomorrow, Apple has asked attendees traveling from China to make sure they adhere to the..
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LinQer is a library that sprang out of the need to fix two problems of Javascript's built-in iteration methods. It brings .NET's LINQ approach to databases to..
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Accessory company Pad & Quill today announced the "Aria Smart Keyboard Case" for the upcoming 2020 refresh of the iPad Pro. Pad & Quill's cases are available for..
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Students at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California are now able to add their ACCESS student IDs to the Wallet app on the iPhone and the Apple Watch,..
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After several years of building and testing previews, Microsoft has announced the general availability of its Azure Sphere secure IoT service. Microsoft first..
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Author: Darryl Bartlett
Publisher: In Easy Steps
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-1840788532
Print: 1840788534
Kindle:  B07WD95M2B
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Convert your dumb deadbolt into a Wi-Fi-connected smart lock for less.
15 hours ago • Macworld

Apple and Johnson & Johnson have announced a new study that may make the Apple Watch even more of a life-saving device. Building on the device’s ability to..
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Mozilla has announced that it is enabling default DNS over HTTPS on its Firefox browser, likely setting up a lengthy battle with the U.S. government.
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The HomeKit Secure Video update will allow Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera users to securely store their saved video clips in iCloud.
17 hours ago • Macworld

So it begins - The so called benefits of Brexit, first to go your privacy and security.
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Apple and Johnson & Johnson today announced a new study that aims to gather more information surrounding atrial fibrillation and other conditions tracked by..
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Moment, the company behind awesome smartphone camera lenses and mobile gear, has just released another app, this time aimed at retro filmmakers. It’s called..
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The Finder window pulls together all sorts of different kinds of items that let you navigate among folders, find files, and perform search, among many..
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Java Development Kit (JDK) 14 is now at the release candidate stage and the feature set for the March 2020 release has been frozen. Highlights of the new version..
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Apple has again declined a request to testify at a U.S. congressional hearing that is part of a wider investigation into Chinese influence on technology..
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A lot of people think The Macalope hates it when people criticize Apple because he lurvs Apple so much. Uh, well, first of all, “lurvs” is not a word...
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Microsoft whetted demand for its Xbox Series X product line with the revelation of some impressive specs for its next-generation gaming console. "It's really..
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Read Article The Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) today announced the availability of OpenDXL Ontology, the first open source language for connecting..
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Read Article The third annual Verizon Mobile Security Index finds that a large number organizations are still compromising mobile security to get things done,..
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