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Pete Davidson / Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande called off their engagement this year [Getty] Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancé Pete Davidson has shared a heartbreaking Instagram..
54 minutes ago • OK!

Miley Cyrus

Miley is backing up Ariana in the latter's plea to the feuding rappers to give them a time to shine as they are about to release new songs, 'Imagine' and 'Happy..
18 hours ago • AceShowbiz

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson just shared a troubling and cryptic message ... implying he's having suicidal thoughts. The 'SNL' star posted the note on Instagram, saying ... "i..
1 hour ago • TMZ.com

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley says Steph Curry is NOT the best player in the NBA ... and, in fact, he tells TMZ Sports the Warriors superstar ain't even IN THE TOP FOUR!!!! We..
11 hours ago • TMZ.com

Jennifer Lawrence

Denying Weinstein's alleged claim that he made Lawrence famous after she had sex with him, the 'Silver Lining's Playbook' star dubs it 'another example of the..
18 hours ago • AceShowbiz

Paul McCartney

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirms that officers responded to report of break-in at the property belonged to the former member of The Beatles on..
18 hours ago • AceShowbiz

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was an icon of few words Friday night ... in fact, she was an icon of just one word ... "NO!" We got O in New York City entering the Whitby Hotel..
4 hours ago • TMZ.com

Nancy Wilson

The death of the Grammy Award-winning jazz singer on December 13, who had long battled unspecified illness, is confirmed by her manager Devra Hall Levy.
18 hours ago • AceShowbiz

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