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Midwinter Ball

Politicians have put aside their differences for the annual Midwinter Ball.
16 hours ago • SBS


One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson says thousands of people want her to do something about warring parents lying about domestic violence in court.
4 hours ago • SBS

Huang Xiangmo

The exiled billionaire had "a motive" to dissipate his Australian assets after he was hit with a $140 million tax bill, the Federal Court said.
16 hours ago • Brisbane Times


Nancy Beaumont has died in an Adelaide nursing home as the disappearance of her three children on Australia Day in 1966 remains one of the country's most..
4 hours ago • Sydney Morning Herald


A new definition of 'they' was among 530 new words added to the publisher's online dictionary.
2 hours ago • SBS

Climate Change

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has taken a firm stance against countries unwilling to act on reducing emissions.
56 minutes ago • SBS

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