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Grace Millane

The lives of a family ripped apart in a "barbaric way" by a lying killer received justice today as the jury returned a guilty verdict for the man accused of..
12 hours ago • New Zealand Herald


Authorities are investigating this morning after an electric vehicle charging station exploded in North Canterbury.Fire and Emergency were called to the..
44 minutes ago • New Zealand Herald

Hong Kong

The ruling came just days before a vote that is being seen as a referendum on the protest movement in the semiautonomous territory.
8 hours ago •

The Jungle Prince Of Delhi

For 40 years, journalists chronicled the eccentric royal family of Oudh, deposed aristocrats who lived in a ruined palace in the Indian capital. It was a tragic,..
12 hours ago •

South Korea

The United States had pushed the two nations to remain in the agreement, which helps gather intelligence on North Koreaโ€™s missile activity.
11 hours ago •

Donald Trump

The US Navy SEAL whose demotion for posing with a dead Iraqi was reversed by President Donald Trump still faces a push to expel him from the service.
14 hours ago • SBS

Australia Bushfires

As Australian forests burn, some species are better equipped to survive danger and habitat loss.
4 hours ago • BBC News

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