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Donald Trump

The US Navy SEAL whose demotion for posing with a dead Iraqi was reversed by President Donald Trump still faces a push to expel him from the service.
15 hours ago • SBS

Greta Thunberg

No, Greta Thunberg is not a time traveller. But a historic photo from the Yukon Klondike Gold Rush has people asking.
12 hours ago •

Somali Canadian Peace Activist

Preliminary investigations show that a young Somali Canadian peace activist was killed by a stray bullet this week in Mogadishu, the peacekeeping mission in..
8 hours ago • CP24


US President Donald Trump has accused a witness of lying at the impeachment inquiry while defending his personal lawyer's role in setting Ukraine policy.
2 hours ago • SBS


Hundreds of thousands of people protest across the country against feared austerity measures.
10 hours ago • BBC News

Student Choice Initiative

The Divisional Court of Ontario has quashed the Ford governmentโ€™s initiative that gives post-secondary students a choice to opt out of school services that are..
18 hours ago • CP24

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet with Ontario Premier Doug Ford in Ottawa today.
11 hours ago • CP24

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