If You Love Them, Don't Feed These Foods to Your Dog

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Published on December 26, 2022 - Duration: 01:30s

If You Love Them, Don't Feed These Foods to Your Dog

If You Love Them Don't Feed These Foods to Your Dog .

Americans sure do love their dogs.

As of 2017-2018, 60.2 million households in America had a dog.

Some of the foods we eat are perfectly safe for dogs.

Experts say most human foods are not safe for dogs.

Don't fall for those puppy dog eyes when these foods are around:.


Experts say grapes and grape-derived food items are absolutely unsafe for dogs.

Known to cause renal failure in canines, even a handful of grapes could prove fatal for your favorite pup.


Cooked or raw, onions just aren't any good for your furry friend.

In canines, onion intake could result in anemia as well as lifelong damage to red blood cells.


Liver is rich in Vitamin A, a great nutrient for humans.

Due to such high counts of Vitamin A, a dog munching on liver can quickly experience

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