The Raw Deal (12 September 2022)

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Published on September 14, 2022 - Duration: 55:28s

The Raw Deal (12 September 2022)

The raids and subpoenas on some 50 Trump supporters for purportedly having been at the Capitol on January 6th raises the specter of a police state and most certainly represented the complete politicalization of the DOJ and the FBI as instruments of the Biden admin and of the Democrat Party, where nothing like this should ever occur in a nation that is committed to the rule of law.

That this has taken place in such close proximity to the November midterm election further implicates the desperate efforts of his political opponents to do their best to make it impossible for Donald Trump to run again in 2024, where they fear (with ample justification) that he is going to clean their clock again (as he did in 2016 and in 2020, where they had to undertake massive efforts to steal the election and now prosecute anyone who expresses the least doubt about its integrity).

When I am told that Trump is "no different" than other politicians and that the two parties are really "one and the same", I have to observe that never in the history of our nation has one party gone to such extraordinary lengths to isolate and destroy a candidate of the other party (short of assassination, where a dozen attempts have already been made upon him).

Pondering the determination to extinguish Trump as a viable political commodity, It occurs to me that the ESTABLISHMENT on both sides of the isle are opposed to Trump because their power is rooted in BIG LIEs such as who was responsible for JFK, the moon landing, 9/11, and Sandy Hook.

But Trump cares about the truth of (at least the first three and probably all four) these, where he along was the only prominent personality to speak out on 9/11 and observe that the builders who constructed the Twin Towers worked for him now, that Boeings could not have entered those buildings and that something else must have been involved--bombs!

He has released more of the JFK records (and my guess is would have released them all but for massive resistance from the CIA).

They oppose him because he has the potential to expose the entire charade known as Washington, D.C., where the greedy, power-mongering hypocrites who run our nation cannot stand for that and will do whatever it takes to insure it does not happen.

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