Joe Biden Met China Executives At Whitehouse In 2014, Paul Pelosi South Korea Deal

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Published on August 7, 2022 - Duration: 06:00s

Joe Biden Met China Executives At Whitehouse In 2014, Paul Pelosi South Korea Deal

White house visitor logs reveal that Joe Biden met with executives from Wanxiang — a major Chinese company — in the West Wing on July 25, 2014.

Joe Biden finally tests negative for Covid 19 a week after becoming re-infected with the virus.

Senate Republicans introduce bill to stop China's communist party from buying U.S. land.

Democrat senators advance Biden' tax and spend bill, Kamala Harris had to be the person to vote the deal through.

Did Nancy Pelosi's son travel with her to Taiwan?

He was seen with her it appears in some of the photos but he was not listed as one of the people travelling with her group.

Gateway Pundit article says Paul was in South Korea trying to finalize a deal with Wintech energy Co.


Out of Seoul South Korea and ZeeOne a company from Canada.

Paul Pelosi's company EVSX which is an electric battery recycling company which is under the banner of a larger company called St.

Georges Eco Mining Corp.

Did Paul Pelosi fly to Asia ahead of his mother's trip to Taiwan, to finalize a secret deal made with a South Korean company?

Joe Biden is expected to extend the Covid emergency through the 2024 period.

Trump backed Joe Kent surges in Washington race, is just 257 votes behind.

Counting has stopped for two days so that people can take the weekend off authorities said.

Elon Musk reveals twitter deal should proceed if certain conditions are met.

Tesla automobiles continue to be under investigation by the NHTSA over crashes that left two motorcyclists dead.

Steve Bannon says the federal reserve is the biggest con they have and should be shut down.

What will the new system and crypto coin Bannon is creating do to the markets as they stand now?

80 year old woman banned from community pool after complaining about cross dressing man watching little girls undress in the locker room.

Every U.S. Crypto exchange is under SEC investigation according to staffer.

Pennsylvania pride event features man teaching little girls how to "pole dance".

Asian smoke shop owner defends store from robbery, stabs man wearing ski mask who jumped behind the counter multiple times.

U.S. university admits it may have broke the law in contract with Wuhan Lab.

Christian high school in Manhattan hosted mandatory drag queen show in place of church service.

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