Ray Epps "Recruit" Speaks, Maricopa County Problems, Alex Jones Perjury Allegation

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Published on August 5, 2022 - Duration: 53:57s

Ray Epps "Recruit" Speaks, Maricopa County Problems, Alex Jones Perjury Allegation

The results of the Maricopa County elections have been thrown into doubt as their official website is not updating the results in a timely manner.

Their website still shows old information that Kari Lake is trailing in her race.

Lake's party has claimed victory in the race already and newer information released had shown Lake pulling even and then ahead of Robson.

Why is Maricopa Counties official website not updated properly and in a timely fashion?

We are still waiting and watching the website to see if it updates.

Alex Jones lawyer accidentally emailed his entire phone and text history to the other sides lawyers in his lawsuit by accident.

Lawyer for the prosecution alleges Jones perjured himself in court.

January 6th prisoner pens letter and alleges he was recruited by Ray Epps.

Will the Hunter Biden story touch Joe and Jim Biden also?

Authorities seem to be trying to do a "controlled implosion" so as the story does not touch Joe and Jim Biden, will that be possible?

Only time will tell.

Governor Ron Desantis to make major announcement today.

Shaun King threatens to Dox reporters from the New York post who posted an article accusing King of using Blm funds to purchase a 40,000 dollar guard dog.

Dems offered Manchin a pipeline deal to secure his support, its not exactly a green deal.

Arizona's multiple counties not having enough ballots leads to calls for resignation.

Joe Biden is still testing positive for Covid 19, why is that?

In New York City ten criminals are responsible for over 500 arrests.

How Bail reform destroyed New York City and allowed criminals to walk the streets freely.

Rino Rusty Bowers loses his race in Arizona.

Mark Brnovich comes in third place in his race in Arizona.

Speaker Pelosi's husband Paul pleads not guilty to DUI related charges in court.

Biden's energy advisor claims its not true that gas prices were rising before Putin invaded Ukraine.

France to "reduce or halt nuclear output" as heatwave restricts abilities to cool plants.

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