Israeli Spies Tricked Iranians Into Blowing Up Nuclear Facility

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Published on December 7, 2021 - Duration: 01:25s

Israeli Spies Tricked Iranians Into Blowing Up Nuclear Facility

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — A Jewish media outlet claims that Israeli spies used complex operations to bomb three nuclear facilities in Iran over the last 17 months.

Here are the details: The Telegraph reports that the pro-Israel media outlet, The Jewish Chronicle, reported on Thursday, December 2, that Mossad agents had tricked Iranian scientists into blowing up an Iranian nuclear facility.

The outlet claimed that a major explosion at Iran’s Natanz facility in April was the result of Mossad agents posing as Iranian dissidents to recruit scientists working at the facility.

The scientists agreed to smuggle in explosives disguised as boxes of food in catering trucks.

Some of the explosives were also dropped inside the facility by a drone before being gathered by the scientists.

The explosion completely destroyed the plant’s independent internal power system.

Iran acknowledged that attacks on Natanz had set its nuclear program back by months and said it was searching for Iranian suspects in relation to the operation.

The outlet also claimed that another explosion at the Natanz facility, in 2020, was caused when Israel remotely detonated explosives hidden inside building materials a year before.

In June this year, Mossad operatives used a motorcycle-sized drone to attack another Iranian facility with missiles.

The new revelations in the Jewish Chronicle appeared days after Iran resumed negotiations with world powers over returning to the Iran nuclear deal.

Former President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the deal during his presidency.

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