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Paul Webb's Cross Country Ride for Charity

Paul Webb's Ride for Charity | Morning Blend

A little breakor f this mous and talk about this joufor such a wonderful causeGood morning Carly.

Good mlove it.

You came dressed,we spare a few minutes andand we're going across, yostate, it states yeah, rigto Tampa florida across thSo why?

So you've actuallyfirst time.

So I feel confdo it or not gonna have anus why, how you kind of stalways been hlatetic and eyears old, I've just alwaySo I was doing my exercisito my 50 year high schoolSo, so in May april Marchof this year of 2021.

I gorode 2899 miles to Neptunepark, New Jersey and I thoa sponsor and I need a chaof mine is a mountain climgreat deal plexus palsy inhe's a mountain climber anEverest.

And I said, whatsays?

There's only one chafoundation, so I'll use thI started writing and I stfor the challenged athletesee it on my srthi here.

Yright, so talk about the cyou're right here again atthis journey, you're doingas you cross country.

So,weather okay, Like how isknow, this time of year?

Awhy you're taking the moreLast time I went a bit morpart of the United States.of Arizona New Mexico staygoing through phoenix andthen up through Roswell.

SRoswell, New Mexico dresseinto a gas station, I'll fare the biggest challengesof preparing for yourself?it, um, the terrain, I meaas you take this on?

What'you go, This is what I'm aI think west texas area wichallenge.

Whaitt comes dthe winds, i itsf you haveup in the screen, you'll swith my speaki rngight nowof the pictures from the famputee and fishni the rutso much when I got back, Iagain, but texas, there'sit may be 130 lemis betweeso water.

The weather is git's november and decemberlow as 30 degrees at nightright camping gear And theit may be 75°, perfect forSo you're making it here tI mean, what's the kind ofwhen you're going to be riarea.

Well, I should be thEve, that's gmyoal.

If Imiles a day, there'll be sthe way, I'll opst and doPerhaps larger cities likeraising money for the chalbut it's going to be dependays I can do ain row.

MyI look at My sports watchmiles, it says recovery tidon't have four days.

I stthe next day again.

So I dmaybe seven hours a day.

TNow I'm not in the middleI have to make sure I getchallenges are three thingAnd the other thing is, umrVs.

I get it.

Hey, just athat's what kind of fuelsIt's got to be pretty aweswith such a great charity,I finished my last ride anrode the bicycle with me hleg, a surfing leg are runwhat the challenged athletprovide the equipment forthat are amputees, peoplemedical procedures and theon insurance.

T Buthe chalprovides the equipment soin life anind sports.

Andwhen you participate, likeand that's what people towhat their challenges areyou want to find out morepeople can go to that webswant to donate, that's wheyour website, the web waythat's we're gonna be updabecause we want to followand when you come back tolove to have you back on.

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