World's first virtual ghost pepper challenge will have you in stitches

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Published on October 21, 2021 - Duration: 08:42s

World's first virtual ghost pepper challenge will have you in stitches

Dave, from Canada was more than bold about his ghost pepper tolerance.

He was absolutely cocky.

His wife grew a patch of various hot peppers and he decided to challenge everyone he knew to an eating contest.

The idea was to create some hype and stage an event that raised money for a local charity.

He issued a challenge to all of his friends and a few took him up on his bold, and exaggerated claim that he held the word's ghost pepper title belt.

But since the world was now using Zoom, Dave decided that he could take on the entire internet.

He put forth a statement on social media that he was the world ghost pepper champion and that he was unbeatable.

Anyone, anywhere in the world was invited, no, DARED to compete over a Zoom call.

This might be the world's first virtual ghost pepper challenge.

Seltun is from India and he responded through Facebook that he was more than up for the contest.

Dave decided to interview Seltun to gauge his suitabilty.

Seltun said that he eats ghost peppers for breakfast and he grows them in his garden.

This was exactly what Dave was looking for, or so he thought!

Dave explained that this virtual version of the stunt was actually going to generate views and hopefully money to be used for a good cause.

Because Seltun is from India, it seems appropriate that a cause in his country would benefit.

Seltun and Dave agreed to assist an elephant sanctuary in India called Wildlife S.O.S.

Seltun was offered half, with Dave donating his half to the sanctuary that he has visited and loves so much.

With a chuckle, Seltun answered that he did not want any of the money.

He simply wanted the title and he wanted to see Dave suffer.

Seltun knew that Dave had grown too bold and that he needed a lesson.

Seltun was happy to donate his share as well.

Dave and Seltun squared off over Zoom with each one eating a whole raw ghost pepper They had milk and water at the ready.

The winner would be the one who did not ring the bell and tap out first.

Seltun provided the lesson that Dave desperately needed and he also offered Dave some tips on how to do better next time.

Seltun employed a mind over matter/concentration approach that worked well.

Dave simply had no strategy except to eat and cry.

The result will have you laughing and maybe even crying yourself.

Any shares of this video will benefit, an amazing animal sanctuary for elephants and sloth bears in Agra, India.

Dave visited this haven in 2020 and he was touched by the great work that goes on there for these deserving creatures.

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