Thomas Rhett helping get kids outside | Morning Blend

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Published on May 12, 2021 - Duration: 04:58s
Thomas Rhett helping get kids Outside

Thomas Rhett helping get kids outside | Morning Blend

In country music right nowa fan, like I am uh and fooutdoors with his family.thomas.

Rhett joining us tabout his new partnershipfamilies to get outside anI told you before we got sfew months.

Yeah, I reallyWe look forward to get bacbad.

Well, I don't think wsince like 2018, so it's,overdue for a concert downtalk about some other thinyou don't have a whole lotSo this must be pretty impknow, I think for us and wwe got one on the way, I won the way and, and therepart of me and Lauren, I tof at the beginning of 202had a choice of like, yoube those kind of parents tyou know, give our kids ana good day or we're gonnawith them and try to try tnot like actively in schoowhen this project came arome so hard of just being lwhole this whole thought oapologised project, that tof trying to get 1.2 millieach week, doesn't sound tbeen outside enough and anwhere we alarm, we're likecreative with our kids, anas well, because I think ito be like, hey kids, let'you get out there and yourwe gonna do?

And you're lilet's just be kids again,what did we love to do asride bikes, we have to walgo catch lizards, you knowof, you know, put that onAnd, and, and so that's whto this initiative.

And uhlives and now it's becomememories outside than we eknow?

And uh just to try tbe like, man, we should doI do think it makes your koff of them and takes tenswe could do that for mostthose on that.

And that'sat night.

That's how I endyou and your family?

I knothat about that song, it'sI think this, this past yeas it was for so many peopof feels like I would havespend that much time at hoit not been for us not bereally just love what wasthis project that we releaand really spend intentiongotten to do otherwise andI love that.

But I know yoin your blood to be out ththinking, tell us what thalike and invite everybodyyou in Tampa, it's gonna bknow, I think for the firslike artists just cannot wa show.

And so I think theout there in large groupslive clapping back to youon a computer, you know whI think we were just meanthumans and it'll just be sout doing it.

And uh, youband was looking so forwarsee y'all when we get to pis can be a blast.

Yes, weagain, I just can't thankgood country music.

The whto as well.

We're always jhave you join us.

And I knwebsite where people can gabout this um the partners

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