St. Pete Grand Prix | Morning Blend

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Published on April 14, 2021 - Duration: 06:37s
St. Pete Grand Prix

St. Pete Grand Prix | Morning Blend

Grand prix over at ST Petea fan of indycar, well thilook out for this season.Patricio Award, also knownwith us today?

Good morninI'm good.

How are you?


Uh we're so excited toyou really are the up andjust reading some of the tout from Indianapolis Motothis year.

How are you feehas not kicked off, but yoin the second race of theabout the team, what's goigood.

We've had some reallThe off season this year hto get back to racing.

Um,gonna be in Saint Pizza foof the season.

Usually wenow we're actually startinbut um, we're all super exgoing, get racing.

Um, wethe tests don't give you ppushing hard.

Hey, you werin the sport.

Does that giWhat's your perspective bewhat does that do to you fage groups of drivers.

We'like the mini veterans, liand then we've got the litdifferent series, especialwe all now get to join eacin a very good position tothings this year.

Uh, thewin racist challenge for tat the end of the day, younew to this.

I'm very newmy second full year in indis to be the biggest headathat rookie year, I saw anand you were talking aboutyou and you gave driven, pNow driven.

Okay, that makcar driver of course, butpersistent and stubborn, tguess would help you on awe see in ST pete, do youattributes help you and esbehind the wheel and reallfirst win this year?

Um, Ithink they do because you,you have to make them supeit's the right decision.

UI think they help me.

I woknow the drivers and I wanyou're one of the newbies,the, one of the ones to lous a little bit of, you cabackground and where you'ryou think that brings to tI started racing when I wacarts to smaller formula cseries that you see raisedthe U.


Have 2000 the Inlights so that that all feUSF is the bottom Indy Prothen Indy lights gives youpush that you need, especichampionship to Indy, my background, I've rafor many years.

I've donebeen smooth.

There's beenuh, you know, where you geit's like, is it gonna congonna continue?

Is is thedo it?

Well, certainly inlast year that you've had,probably did question everat least last year I was,stone and I was backed byuh that you know, at the eare the ones that are aretrust me enough to to putwe only have 30 seconds leplan.

What fans can expectrace happens.

You know, yoyear, of course, fourth inWhat do you hope to accompof course, get the checkerit take at ST pete though?very physical, very demandis extremely important thetowards the front is superhaving a good strategy, haDon't put a wheel wrong beroom for error around thisyear we were one positionit, so we're going to be gyear.

All right, well, it'our show.

The winner comesSo, we hope to see you sooknow if they told you thatof look forward to that.

Sto seeing you soon deal.

IIt's so great to meet you.season.

And of course at tPrix, the all the action w

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