College Vaccine Clinics

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College Vaccine Clinics

College Vaccine Clinics

Under "20"-percent.

Many "colleges" are taking steps to help increase the population of vaccinated adults.

Two clinics took place in vigo county today.

News 10's porsha williams stopped by saint mary of the woods college to see how things were running.

Day one of three of saint mary's vaccine clinic just wrapped up at the top of the hour.

Students and staff received their first dose of the pfizer shot.

[take pkg outcue: somewhere for it duration:1:13] pk} associate vice president aimee janssen-robinson tells me that students on campus were both excited and relieved to get their covid-19 vaccination shot.

"mostly they we're ecstatic to get their vaccine before they were able to go home for the summer especially our seniors who may not be returning home but going to a new home so having to navigate that once they got there but they'll be able to head to their new adventures having there covid vaccine and ready to roll."

Sophmore laurel staub says she jumped at the chance to get the vaccine.

"i just don't want to have to worry about if every time i have a cough or something if i have it or not.

I just don't want to have to worry about it anymore ya' know."

She also talked about what motivated her to get the vaccine.

"i was just kinda tired of feeling scared all the time so i just thought it was the right thing to do.

I don't know it was like safe enough you know the vaccine came out really soon but i think it's safe to get it."

Janssen-robinson says they just wanted to make sure it was easily accessible for all students to be able to get.

"it's here in there residence hall where it's convenient to them to just pop in and get that vaccine and not have to travel somewhere for it."

Their second dose is scheduled 3 weeks from today.

Students it will be held on campus again.

If students missed today, they can get the first dose tomorrow and friday.


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