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Published on March 24, 2021 - Duration: 04:51s
Counsel's corner debt relief

Counsel's Corner | Morning Blend

Our council for Councils ctalking about debt relief,about you, but these daysmaking sure there's no fraBut then also, you hear abare wanting to help your csmart move?

Well, again.

Lgot a council on our Allen Borden once againHow are you?

Good talk about this.

So, toI was sharing with beforescore.

We can help you heron with these companies?

Anoticing here is there's aon.

A lot of people who arto Social Security numbersand opening up accounts inSo I think the only way toare saying, Well, let's gior better access to theirway they can catch thingscan shut those kind of thathough, like credit repairis looking into their crednot where they want it toto maybe make some smart mit comes to increasing tharepair, it seems like an eseem easy, I'm assuming itto be true.

Is that the caSo you see a lot of companthem all the time advertiscorner of the street.

Hey,this number.

Um but what IBeware when it comes to cris a law called the CreditAct that covers what a comThe number one thing, whicbe people should pay attencannot collect money beforservices.

That's where a ltry to put you on a monthlOkay, we'll start sendingdo things for you.

And nowpaying me, Um, but they cahave to give you notice.

Ilike sending disputes to tthings like that you can dyourself.

You don't need afor you.

Some people wouldthese notices, explains toworking with someone who ion when they're trying tois you got to realize repabasically means trying tohappened, because that's wabout.

So if you have a depay, um, and you're behindcan eliminate that reportiactually what happened, thyour credit better.

Now ththose kind of things.

Butdiscrepancies by you, um,our company that promisesand usually what ends up hif they're successful in ta couple of months later,back on.

Oh, really?

Yeah.the other big factor thatan accurate reflection ofbecause something's not docredit doesn't mean you door that those people can'tway you know what you wanthas opened up things thatum, and show that you're dyou do find yourself in awhere Allen and his team cif you give them a consulta phone number.

There's thforget to mention the morn

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