CFC Win Eastern Conference

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CFC Win Eastern Conference

CFC Win Eastern Conference

Professional soccer team, the c-f-c had a shot to finish in first place with a win tonight in their regular season finale.

Chattanooga entertained new amsterdam.

=== didn't take long for the boys in blue to entertain the crowd.

Zeca with the break-away in the ninth minute.

He puts it in the net.

1-0 cfc.

Chattanooga carried that 1-0 advantage into halftime.

=== 14 minutes into the second half, juan hernandez pops it to zeca., who basically gets tackled, but he scores anyway.

2-0 cfc.

=== another 14 minutes go by... corner kick incoming.

Sean hoffstatter finishes the header to the net.

It's now 3-zip.

Chattanooga wins by that 3-0 final.

They're your n-i-s-a eastern conference champs!

Peter fuller: "you got some big time teams in this division in nisa and for us to go 3-1 through the east, and having won it?


Zeca ferraz: "we had one job once we started the season which was win games and be on top of the table.

So this is the best situation we can go into the playoffs."

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