Mississippi casinos reopen following Sally

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Mississippi casinos reopen following Sally

The Mississippi Gaming Commission gave Coast casinos the go-ahead to reopen today as the effects from Sally have moved past Mississippi.

Mississippi casinos reopen following Sally

Any relief efforts- - the mississippi gaming- commission gave coast casinos - the go-ahead to reopen today as- the effects from sally have - moved - past mississippi.

- news 25's grant chighizola was- at the scarlet pearl casino - resort earlier and has more on- how the reopening - process played out.

- - standup - "casinos are now getting back o track after having to - temporarily close once- again, this time due to storm - effects."

Guests lined up to return to th- scarlet pearl casino resort - wednesday afternoon after coast- casinos shut down on- monday ahead of hurricane sally- sot-luann pappas, scarlet pearl- casino resort - "we had sufficient notice and w didn't have to shut down till - four o'clock, so the- guests were being told that - there was the potential for the- shutdown."

As south mississippi was spared- the worst effects - from sally, scarlet pearl ceo - luann pappas says the facility- has come out of the past few- days unscathed.

- sot-luann pappas- "this facility was built after katrina so we can withstand 150- mile per hour winds,- and it's 18 feet above sea leve- on the first floor."

Gulfport resident james anderso- is one of many who- returned to the gaming floor.

- he says the decision to - temporarily close casinos - was the right one.- sot-james anderson: gulfport- resident- "always need to go safety first and go ahead and close up for a- day or two and if - it moves out of the vicinity go- ahead and reopen cause- everybody's ready to- go, you know what i mean?"

And with shutdowns as a result- of storms and covid-19 now- in the books ,pappas hopes for- smoother sailing for the- rest of 2020.

- sot-luann pappas- "i think all of us are in agreement that we want to get - out of 2020 as fast as we - can."

In d'iberville, grant - - -

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