breonna taylor settlements

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breonna taylor settlements

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We begin with a developing story...national civil rights attorney ben crump has confirmed, he..his co-councils and the family of breonna taylor will appear at a press conference today at 2 p-m to discuss a significant update in the breonna taylor case.

This press conference will be streamed live on our website

Just this morning.... the courier journal reporting louisvilles metro government is expected to announce a quote "substantial" financial settlement today with the family of breonna taylor...that's our top story at noon.

According to the paper, the amount of the settlement was not disclosed by the source to the paper, but the journal reports... it's also expected to include several policing reforms including a requirement that commanders approve all search warrants before going to a judge taylor was shot and killed after louisville metro police officers broke down her apartment door march 13th to serve a signed no-knock search warrant in connection with a narcotics investigation.

### this, as kentucky's attorney general is set to present the case of breonna taylor's death to a grand jury soon.

Legal experts say the a-g has a lot of influence over what happens.

L3: continuing coverage white legal experts weigh in on breonna taylor case set to go before grand jury its not known what evidence will be presented, or what witnesses will be allowed to speak.

But many in the court of public opinion, have clear expectations for what indictments should come out against officers.

Legal experts say prosecutors almost always get the results they are looking for and it starts with making a recommendation.

L3: continuing coverage white leland hulbert legal analyst leland hulbert/legal analyst: "they typically make a recommendation, and that's really what carries the most power in these kind of cases is that their recommendation is often favored by grand juries."

In a grand jury... the jurors only have to decide if there is probable cause that a crime has occurred.


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