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King louis statue downtown, has been removed... after it was damaged, during protests earlier this year.

Louisville is named after king louis from france.

Crews began working to remove the statue of him, in jefferson square park yestarday..

Thats the site of ongoing protests over the police shooting death of breonna taylor.

According to the city..

The statue has a broken hand, and there is spray paint on it.

"any time we remove anything that represents what is white supremacy and systemic and systematic white supremacy or symbols of that, that's a good thing and our society needs to do that on a regular basis."

--butted-- " i hate to see it because it is a part of our history.

You know it was put up by people who felt like it was important to put that statue there and it doesn't change anything."

The statue will be taken to a storage facility, where it will be restored.

According to the city..

The future of the statue will be discussed

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