controversy test question

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fcps and ky peace officers

controversy test question

Jean seltzer.

An elementary school assignment question in fayette county is creating conflict between police and educators.

The kentucky peace officers' association says the question on a fifth- grade assignment "targets police".

Abc 36's christy bollinger tells us it brings up the broader question of how to be sensitive to all views when bringing current events into classrooms it's our top story at six.

L3: top story white peace officers: assignment "targets" police lexington l3: top story white peace officers: assignment "targets" police lexington l3: top story white peace officers: assignment "targets" police lexington the question reads... "what is the relationsip between jacob blake and breonna taylor?"

The first answer choice says: "both were victims of police violence, sparking protests against racial injustice".

"the way the question was worded was very inappropriate.

That's something you have to be very careful with the younger they are just so they understand."

Jim combs retired from fayette county public schools years ago.

It's not a question he would've used in class..

Especially in this climate or with that age group.

"when you're talking elementary school age, that's a fine line."

A fine line between teaching kids sensitive and hot- button topics appropriately... or not.

"there are issues that parents are going to want to explain to their children themselves.

They're gonna know what their children can and cannot deal with."

The lexington black lives matter group, l-p-d accountability, thinks the question was just.

Organizer april taylor says unforunately the killing and injuring of black people by police is current events..

And asking a question about it does not target police.

"nothing about the way the question was presented or the choices were done in a biased or derogotory way."

The kentucky peace officers association disagrees.

The group says "while it is the responsibility of educational leaders to shape the future.... it is not their right to so in a manner designed to intentionally and negatievely influence young minds and promote a political agenda."

The school district stands by the assignment..

Which was part of testing students' reading comprehension on a broader subject about the postponement of nba playoff games following player boycotts.

It says "while we appreciate some may believe the topic was too mature for fifth graders, it is critical that our classrooms be safe places where students can discuss current events."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

The peace officers aren't leaving it there, though...they say they want to meet with the district.

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