breonna taylor plea deal

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Glover offered a deal

breonna taylor plea deal

C1 3 records are revealing more about the case against the man louisville police were looking for during the deadly raid on breonna taylor's home.

According to the documents-- investigators offered the suspect a plea deal if he would implicate taylor in his alleged crimes.

Jason riley reports.

A facebook post monday morning by breonna taylor's family attorney calls the latest findings in the case b-s.

In the post taylor family attorney, sam aguiar, claims drug suspect to jamarcus glover was offered a plea deal in july if glover admitted, taylor was part of an organized crime ring.

Glover's attorney said he received several plea offers from prosecutors... although one contained her name, the most recent offer and others did not.

As part of the offer glover was to acknowledge over a period of time through april 22nd, he and several co- defendants, including taylor engaged in organized crime by trafficking, large amounts of drugs.

If he'd taken the deal, he could've gotten probation and avoided a 10 year sentence for drug trafficking, gun and criminal syndication charges.

Aguiar says in his post referring to commonwealth attorney, tom wine, thank god his office recused itself.

As we sure as hell know what they would've done and shame on that office.

Wine released a statement monday afternoon saying the offer was a draft and not a court document and is based on jail phone calls in which mr. glover implicated ms. taylor in his criminal activity.

Wine says once he was advised of the discussions, he directed taylor's name, be removed as a co-defendant.

The police sheet was sent to glover's attorney july 21st... and the offer was withdrawn when mr. glover failed to surrender himself to court.

Wine goes on to condemn aguiar's comments as a false accusation, adding that ms. taylor was never a co- defendant.

While taylor was not named as a co- defendant in the final version of the plea offer-- it did call on glover to say that her apartment was used to store "proceeds of the trafficking operation."

It also called on glover to acknowledge that the person living at taylor's apartment was "handling all his money."

Glove has said previously

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