Whirlpool scares locals during floods in Thailand

Video Credit: Newsflare
Published on August 26, 2020 - Duration: 00:39s

Whirlpool scares locals during floods in Thailand

A raging whirlpool terrified stranded locals during floods in Sukhothai province, northern Thailand, on August 25.

The region was battered with water after strong currents in a river smashed through a dam before overflowing into nearby homes and fields.

Footage shows a whirpool that formed dragging debris into the abyss below on Tuesday.

Residents were forced to flee when up to two metres of water came gushing through their properties after a small dam was damaged by the strong currents.

The river then burst its banks and torrents of water battered communities.

Rescue teams descended on the area to help those stranded in their homes on Monday and Tuesday.

Officials said that heavy rain in the north of the country had caused the strong currents in the Yom River, which flows through the province, to breach a 50-metre concrete small dam on Sunday.

More sections of the small dam were damaged and the river overflowed onto farmland and villages.

Dozens of electricity poles were torn down.

Provincial irrigation office chief Amnart Inthawongkaew said that sluice gates were being opened along the rapidly rising river to feed water into all canals.

The flood is moving downstream from Sukhothai and Phitsanulok into Phichit, boosted by regular downpours in the upper northern region since last week.

Thailand is currently going through its annual monsoon rainy season which sees regular rainstorms and flash floods.

The torrential weather lasts from May until October.

A secession of floods in recent weeks have battered thousands of rural villages leaving many families homeless.

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