Representative Robert Aderholt

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Published on July 28, 2020 -
Representative Robert Aderholt

Representative Robert Aderholt

Down taht new $1 trillion bill stimulus bill unveiled by senate republicans.

It includes an extra $200 per week in unemployment insurance, down from $600 in the earlier cares act, and more money for schools, among other measures.

Joining us now to talk about it is congressman robert aderholt, congressman - good morning.

Give me two things you like in this bill.

The unemployment bonus is now 200-dollars instead of the 600-dollars..

As you know many alabamians depend on that money.

But then there are those who argue that recipients of the cares act were making more than their regular job.

How will this new amount impact that and a person now perhaps being forced to return to work?

This plan follows the same formula as the original cares act when it comes to the 12-hundred dollar paycheck.

Wasn't that supposed to be more targeted?


House speaker nancy pelosi says this plan doesn't go far enough to help in this coronavirus recession.

It needs hazardous pay for essential workers, address the eviction crisis and provide more funding for food stamps.

Is there room for compromise when it goes back to the house.

What do you think should also be added or taken out of the bill?

Timetable of this plan.

Leaders in the house will meet with senators in august to iron things out.

And if the bill passes with the $1,200 checks included, it could take weeks or months for americans to receive the payment.

Is that a little too late for those who need relief now?

How can you speed this up?

We are remembering the late congressman john lewis - alabama native and civil rights icon.

How are you remembering him and the kind of legacy he leaves behind?

Congressman robert aderholt thanks for joining us.


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