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- tournaments he played in, this- season... and will be going on- to- continue his career, on the - links... at division i florida- gulf- coast.- - and taylor... check out this- diving catch, for the w-x-x-v - play- of the day... courtesy of - detroit tigers center-fielder - derek hill... going back on - it... and he makes the catch no- once... but twice.- let's watch that again... hill- ranging back on it... willie- mays- - like catch over the shoulder...- pops out of his glove... and- then- catches it again, with the bare- hand... just insane - concentration, from the 24- - year-old prospect... just - trying to make it to the show,- in 20-20.

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- as ridging builds toward the- area, any - threat of convection at - all will be limited to late - afternoon isolated- thunderstorms. area - most prone to that would be the- mississippi coastal counties.

- - - - considering the northwesterly - upper flow forecast near the- area, - if any mcs development does - affect the local area, its- likely to - be strong, if not severe.

Dont- see enough of a threat to go- much- - - - more than about 25-30 percent - over far eastern sections on- saturday/sunday.- going to trend toward the hotte- side of guidance, especially on- saturday and sunday.

Current- wind forecasts keep a northerly- component to the winds for much- of the area those two days.

Tha- argues against sea or lake- breezes developing if wind- speeds are- - - - close to 10 mph.

This tends to- produce our hottest temperature- locally.

Many sites should get- into the mid 90s tomorrow...and- - - - upper 90s saturday/sunday.

12z- met guidance for gulfport even- kicks out 100 at gulfport - saturday.

Not going quite that- hot...but - not far off.

Dew points may run- a little lower tomorrow than- today, so heat advisory criteri- 108f heat index - may not be- reached in most areas tomorrow,- although it wont miss by much.- will defer that decision to the- mid shift.

Saturday and sunday- is- quite a bit more definitive.- only question there is whether- an- - - - advisory will cover it, or- whether excessive heat watches- or- warnings- 113f or higher heat index - will be needed.

Best- potential for those would be- north of lake pontchartrain and- would - likely be issued during the - daytime hours tomorrow for- saturday- and sunday.

Current numbers hav- heat index values near 115 on - - - - as the far-reaching effects of- covid-19 continue to- spread, one local non-profit is- - - - doing what it always has -- standing in the gap between - south mississippi residents and- loss.

- in fact, mercy housing and huma- development has - actually kept some homes in our- area out of foreclosure,- and as news 25's toni miles - shows us, there are many other- services they provide that you- or someone you know may need.

- - julie egressy, mercy housing &- human - development executive director:- "a snapshot of everybody's hous- we've helped them get into with- grants."- - - - a hall of homes, and behind eac- photo-a story... south- mississippi - residents who became homeowners- thanks to a - helping hand from mercy housing- - - - and human development in- gulfport.

- julie egressy, mercy housing &- human development executive - director: - "we're a financial literacy - program, a non-profit service.- we're actually a hud- agency, working in tandem with- them to provide homebuyer - - - - education counseling, which - unlocks the down payments and - grants that are local in the- local area.

For - example, right now, there is an- fhlb federal home loan- opportunity for down- payment assistance, and - mississippi home corps is also- - - - offering down payment - assistance.

Basically about - $17,000 to $20,000 of down- payment assistance- that somebody can use to buy a- house."

- the non-profit is also helping- keep residents in their - homes-and - out of foreclosure.

- - - - julie egressy, mercy housing &- human development executive - director: - "right now, during covid, we ar- a servicer for the mississippi- hardest hit - funds.

They did reopen back - those funds so because of that- reason, we are- taking applications and - providing information for peopl- - - - to apply for the mississippi- hardest hit funds through the - state of mississippi.

We've had- over 200- applications for foreclosure- mitigation just through covid - alone over the past - couple of months.

We've had som- positive stuff to come out of - it-just to help - people save their homes and com- out of it."

- toni miles, news 25: "mercy - housing and human development - also offers a free tax- preparation service.

New this - year, this drop box, to make it- more convenient for those - wanting to file their taxes."

- julie egressy, mercy housing &- human development executive - director: "we entice you if you- haven't filled out your office,- to come by our office, even - - - - after hours.

We're not open.

Ou- lobby's not open.

We do have a- drop box.

You can - open the box, get an envelope - out, fill out the information - that's required.

Drop all of- your text items in there.

- <splice> we do your basic, whic- probably meets about- 60-percent of our community's - needs, to file for those- taxes-just people who need to - file their w2s, 1099's and very- simple paperwork."- and while social distancing - measures are in place, employee- here continue to work hard, - doing what they always- do-providing- assistance and turning dreams - into reality.

- in gulfport, toni miles, news - 25.

- - - - - visiting pets of south- mississippi is a group of owner- and pet - teams visiting people who are i- hospitals, nursing homes, - and hospice care.

- to become a pet team, you must- get registered through pet- partners.

- there is a one time expense of- $70.- the process to become registere- can be completed on - your own pace.- they normally have a meeting- the 2nd saturday of every month- coordinator for visiting pets,- mike bowin recalls his- experiences visiting with his - dog doc.- - mike bowin, coordinator, its a- little bit of a break in the da- for them, theres been an awful- lots of times when- were getting ready to end the - visit, they'll comment 'that do- made my day.

It's a - - - - good thing, there work and- effort involved, but there grea- rewards, they're all- intangible but they are great - rewards."

- - - - they have around 30 teams and - are looking for more dogs - and owners to participate.- if you are interested, email- therapy g-s-p-10 at o- check out the website at pet- - - - - - - the latest fashion trend this - year is the face mask...- it's helping to keep people saf- during the coronavirus- pandemic.

- but it sometimes makes social - distancing hard... especially - when- you're eating or drinking.- that's where shut your mouth- comes in... - the texas-based company has - created a face mask with a- zipper in over your mouth.- that makes it easy to just- unzip... and take a gulp of - water or- a bite of food.

- these zippered face masks cost- 34.99 and come in a variety of- fabrics and colors.

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