Midmorning With Aundrea - July 9, 2020 (Part 2)

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Published on July 9, 2020 -

Midmorning With Aundrea - July 9, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) Many state fairs have had to cancel activities this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we take a look at this year's "Field of Dreams" game!

Midmorning With Aundrea - July 9, 2020 (Part 2)

State and county fairs are a quintessential part of summer for much of america, but a significant number have been cancelled this year because of the pandemic.

Nancy chen takes a look.

Eric campbell is a fourth-generation concessionaire whose áfairá history goes so far back, his family helped popularize the corn dog in the midwest.

"you can't go to fair without a corn dog!"

Des moines-based campbell's concessions sells its famous corn dogs and pineapple whip at fairs all summer long.

But this year the entire route is canceled - including the biggest event of the season: the iowa state fair - scratched for the first time since world war ii.

"whatever mone you have to borrow, the capital you just lost - we won't make that back up in one year or two years, it might be a five-year, down the road kind of recovery for us."

Already more than half of the country's fairs have been canceled&and that number is expected to rise.

"fairs are havin to make that agonizing decision that they simply cannot produce the event that is need."

Marla calico is the president of the international association of fairs and expositions.

She estimates the industry generates more than 4.7 billion dollars in revenue each year -- with about 100 to 150 million people attending.

"this ripple effec throughout the communities - it's extensive.

It is extensive, and for many rural communities, the loss of a fair is going to hurt."

Calico says some sites are hosting food "drive throughs" to hel vendors..

Other locations are being repurposed for socially-distanced events.

And some ácounty fairs are still trying to help 4-h and f-a members show and sell the animals they've raised.

"it's the smal things that are the trick of what we do around here."


As for campbell - he says he'll shelve his new corn dog flavors until next summer&when he's hoping to serve-up that irresistible fair food to families once again.

Nancy chen, cbs news.

If you build it, will they come?

The story next on mid morning.

The chicago white sox will host the saint louis cardinals in what is being called the field of dreams game.

Here's the latest.

The field of dreams is a bucket list item for young and older.

This is aiden williams&taking the mound&throwing fast balls to his mom "it's perfect.

But he says the mlb matchup for the mlb field of dreams game isn't&he wanted the white sox and reds "because the played each other when the white sox threw the game on purpose."

He's got a good point, but a lot of cardinals fans&or at least the two watching aiden pitch are thrilled.

"yes it's a big dea they got picked.

I know the yankees had to back out.

Us getting picked to take that spot, that's awesome!"

This showdown between the white sox and cardinals will be the first regular season game in mlb history in iowa.

The 8,000 seat stadium under construction will be a tribute to old cominsky park, the home of the sox from 1910-1990.

"what if there's rain out?


There are on-going conversations about that..."

Roman weinberg is the field of dreams director of operations.

He says he doesn't know what ticket prices will be.

He says he doesn't even know if fans will be able to attend.

"right now we ar having talks with mlb and their contractors who they are working with to manage the event and take necessary precautions for fan and staff health.

That's our top priority."

For those curious about the field after the august 13 game, go the distance baseball will retain ownership of the field.

That's the same group that operates the field of dreams. "after that w have plans in place to use it for community events, potentially fantasy camps.

The possibilities are endless."

Weinberg says the mlb's decision to play a game in dyersvile is a testament to what the field means to fans.

"mlb understand that the field of dreams is a shrine to baseball and the sport and what's wholesome.

That's why it's here.

For us its humbling and we're just excited to be hospital for those coming to the game."

We'll be right back things up.

That and more on the next midmorning.

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