MLB announces 2020 schedule

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Published on July 7, 2020 -

MLB announces 2020 schedule

In a normal world, the Major League Baseball season would be just about halfway over.

In what’s now the new normal world, the MLB season hasn’t even started, but it’s about to.

MLB announces 2020 schedule

- in a normal world... the major- league baseball season- would be just about halfway - over.

- in what's now the new normal- world... the m-l-b season hasn'- even started... but it's about- to... fingers crossed.- this evening... the league- announced its new opening - day... almost four months after- its oringinal - opening day.- a primetime double-header, on - july 23rd... starting in our- nation's capitol... between the- reigning world series champion- washington nationals... and the- new york yankees.

- and then for the nightcap...- it's the san francisco- giants... paying a visit to - their n-l west rival... the los- angeles - dodgers.- the rest of the league will ope- up, on friday july 24th... for- the - start of a shortened 60- game - season... down from the - regular 162 games.- each team will play 40 games, i- its own division... and 20- inter-- league games... against regiona- foes.

- the regular season should be- over... on september

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