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- i'm grace boyles in tonight for- jeff haegar.- a new sport has officially take- over m-g-m park for the next- three weekends -- golf.

- today was the first day m-g-m's- golf experience was open for- business.

- the 9-hole golf course features- different tee boxes from- various locations around the- ballpark- including homeplate, the party- decks, and the concourse.

- golfers have two chances to get- their ball either in the- white circle for par or the red- circle for a birdie.

Anything - else is considered a bogie.

The- experience also includes a- target challeng, similar to - - - - going to top golf.- here golfers are able to hit- from one of the two party decks- to see who can land their shots- the furthest in the outfield.

- the shuckers assistant manager- trevor matifes- assures that the experience is- helpful for golfers and - non-golfers.- - "you'll be good at your short - game by the - time you leave here.

You're - using usually a pitching wedge- or nine iron, so you'll be- working a lot on your short - game.

And i think our longest - hole for the nine-holes is- - - - 113, so 113 yards.

I think the- target challenge is where, you- know, people who- may not golf all the time will- have a good time.

You know, you- can just get up here- and swing.

You don't have to- play the game.

And, uh, just- kinda aim for different - targets or just hit some golf - balls out here at mgm park."- - - - parties of up to 4 are able to- reserve tee times from 8 am - t0 2:30 pm for the 9-hole - course.

- the target challenge has one- hour time slots available - starting at 4:15 pm for up to 7- people.

- - - - - while the fate of the 20-20 - high school football season in- mississippi is still to be- determined, local athletes- are finding a way to still get- on the field, and put in some - work.

- quick!!

Sorry - > - - as high school athletes strive- to make it to the next level, - many look to private training t- improve their game.

Dozens of - college athletes and even pros- use private trainers including- patriots- quarterback cam newton and ohio- state quarterback - justin fields.- however, the price for just an- hour session can be steep - the- low-end starting at $50 per hou- going - all the way up to $300.

- gulf coast elite training offer- training for free to athletes - who - simply want to work hard.

- tavaris crosby, gc elite- training head trainer: "well on- of the main things we - wanted to do cause we knew ther- were a lot of programs around - here that charged, you- know, and there's a lot of kids- or parents that wasn't able to,- you know, be a part of that - because of the fees and all - that.

So we wanted to kinda do- something different - and just provide services for - free so kids can come out and,- you know, the - ones who couldn't afford, the - fess or whatever from the other- organizations - they can come out with us and - train for free."- donte stallworth, gc elite- training ceo: "we love these- kids and we love this - game, man.

And we wouldn't- charge kids for something we- love doing."- stallworth and crosby fell into- training first by training thei- own sons.

After some discussion- the two decided to start gulf - coast elite training to help- provide information and - skills to athletes who didn't - have parents as - trainers.

- tavaris crosby, gc elite- training head trainer: "my- favorite part is the kids.

You- know, just watching them- progress and seeing them get in- shape from week to- week.

You know, sometimes they- come out in the first week that- we get them,- they're not in shape, they're - throwing up or, you know, their- head's hurting and all that,- but then you see them progress- and eventually get stronger and- get more- endurance about themsleves.

So,- it's been a good experience so- far."

- gc elite athletes and their - parents are grateful for- what stallworth and crosby are- doing.- dennis stevenson, gc elite- athlete parent: "one thing i've- seen since he started - working with this unit is he's- very motivated, instead of- sitting at home playing video - games he wants to get out here.- and to be out here today, to se- how hot it is, it - let's us know that he's very- committed and trying to have a- successful season.- and working with donte has trul- been a blessing.

He has gotten- calls from- different colleges he hadn't in- the past and so we're excited - about it and i see a great- committment that i haven't seen- in the past."

- several g-c elite athletes have- gone on or have gotten offers - to play at all college levels.- stallworth's and crosby's advic- for athletes wanting to play- college football is - simple.

- donte stallworth, gc elite- training ceo: "just stay- focused.

Come here and- prepare.

Stay focused and stay- humble.

And stay hungry."

- tavaris crosby, gc elite- training head trainer: "the one- who want it the most- is the ones who are going to pu- in the most work.

You know, if- you want it, you- gotta go out and get it.

And- that's what i preach to these - guys.

You know, just being- humble and staying focused on - what your goal is."

- - - - - g-c elite welcomes all position- to train with them -- from quarterbacks to receivers- to kickers.

- the group trains saturdays and- sundays at 11 a-m at prudie - circle in gulfport.

- - - - - it's finally time for the - w-x-x-v play of the day.- i'm sure you all have missed it- especially you, taylor.

- check out this video of a 23- - year-old skater named coco- finally landing a trick he's- been working on for months.

- get this - he's blind.- this is incredible and upliftin- seeing coco land this trick/- i wouldn't be able to do this - with both my eyes wide open.- how about you taylor?

- - - - - script- - -

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