Mixed reaction to mask requirement in Douglas County

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Mixed reaction to mask requirement in Douglas County

Mixed reaction to mask requirement in Douglas County

In douglas county... small businesses are also gearing up for the new mask requirement.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza shows us why some business owners are not tolerating customers who refuse to wear a mask.

Things will look a little different tomorrow at everything under the rainbo?

Craft store& now that masks are required inside.

00:07 darcel campbell, small business owner:?i having to learn how to breath in it and how to talk to people."

Darcel campbell is the owner of the small downtown roseburg business.

She says wearing a mask is the last thing she wants her customers to do, but she knows it has to be done.

It my job to also protect all the people who come into our shop?

Not everyone sees it that way.

Take a look at social media...and you'll see dozens of posts from people who say they'll never wear a mask.

People like paul eckel.

00:35 paul eckel, roseburg resident:?i just don see the relevance here.

I believe people are being responsible, washing their hands, keeping their distance?

But campbell says she not tolerating anyone who against it.

00:46 evita:?campbell says she knows there will be a number of customers who come in without a mask... but, she says she prepared to confront anyone who doesn because she doesn want to risk closing her business again?

She says she still trying to rebuild after the statewide shutdown earlier this year.?wee all independent contactors here.

So, there no unemployment, we had to go through that pandemic unemployment and everything.

Now, she wants to make sure they stay open for good.?wee doing this step so small businesses can stay open.

The next step is they shut us down?

Even if that means forcing her customers to cover up.?put your pants on, put your shirt on, put your mask on and go about

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