How 'Awesome' are the Blossoms? Digging into the history of Blooming Prairie's color mascot

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Published on June 30, 2020 -
You'll only find the Blossoms in Blooming Prairie.

How 'Awesome' are the Blossoms? Digging into the history of Blooming Prairie's color mascot

In high school and college sports?




"* it's a mascot.

Case in point, my university of delaware blue hens.




"*t news th sports director kaleb gillock is here to share a story about blooming prairie and the meaning behind their nickname.xx you'll only find the awesome blossoms in blooming prairie.

It's one of those nicknames you'll only find in one town.




"*t news three sp gilleland wanted to find out why they're named the blossoms, and the meaning behind it.xx you've seen them score countless touchdowns... and hit three pointers.

Blooming prairie athletics had an amazing year.

"but with their success, it got me thinking, what really is an awesome blossom?

First i asked some of my coworkers at kimt to see if they really knew what it is."

"my understanding is an awesome blossom is a blooming onion... "i really don't have any idea.... " "it's gotta be some type of flower right..... like you know those flowers on top of cactus, it's one of those."

"is it a really cool flower."

To get the real answer, i travelled to blooming prairie to find out from activities director ali mach.

"really we are a flower, i mean that's our mascot, we're a giant flower and you know from there, it's as simple as that, a flower... it's not a brand new, flashy nickname, there's a deep history associated with it.

"the 1900's it was austin high school kind of named us the boys from blossom?

"*town and then from there it's kind of transitioned into the awesome blossoms that was in 1979."

The blossoms' colorful nickname has received plenty of attention in the past few weeks.

The minnesota state high school league created a bracket challenge of team mascots ?


"* bp is currentl the championship game against the moorhead spuds.

John millea, the man behind the bracket, says he didn't expect this many people to get involved.

"we're past 85,000 votes as we're in the final matchup between the spuds and the awesome blossoms, it's just gone beyond anything i ever anticipated."

What makes the matchup unique, there are no other schools in the country that have the same name.

And the blossoms wouldn't have it any other way.

"it's just really hard to explain unless you're a part of a community like this where you get to see this, we get excited when you know teams make fun of us for being the flowers and then we go and beat them."

"they may not have a generic nickname like the tigers, lions or bears, voting on the bracket challenge ends wednesday at 11 a.m.

The awesome blossoms are currently trailing the spuds by

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