WCBI News at 6PM - 06/25/20

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Published on June 26, 2020 -
WCBI News at 6PM - 06/25/20

WCBI News at 6PM - 06/25/20

The fate of the state flag continues to be a key issue for lawmakers and everyone around the state.

Quentin smith is in jackson and joins us live from the state capitol.

So quentin what is the biggest hold up?

Joey, before a decision can be made to take down the flag, legislatures first have to suspend the rules.

In order to suspend the rules to take down the flag, there must be a two-thirds vote in both the house and senate.

When you break it down, that's 81 votes that'll need to come out of the house, and 34 that'll need to come out of the senate.

Right now both the house and senate are short a few votes which at this time....prevents any action from being taken.

The confederate emblem is what's causing the controversy surrounding the flag.

Religious groups, economic developers, and the states universities are all lobbying for state leaders to remove the flag.

State lawmaker i spoke with all agree the state flag needs to come down.

However, they have mixed views on who should be in charge of making the decision to have it changed.

No text available ... i was trying to get this way seems like a court to casting a vote people they take in other ... and a governor tate reeves issued a statement saying if lawmakers are able to get the two-thirds vote to change the rules to have the flag removed, he would not veto the bill.

Legislatures will gather again tomorrow morning, at this time it's uncertain if they'll discuss the removal of the state flag.

Lawmakers spoke with say the believe saturday is the day they'll have all the votes in, and they believe saturday is when a decision could be made on whether the flag comes down.

That's the very latest from the state capitol.

Quentin smith.

Wcbi news 46 coaches and administrators from across the state making the trip to jackson to lobby the legislature to change the state flag the sec, conference usa, and the ncaa are banning tournament and championship events in mississippi until a change is made both bulldog and rebel coaches making a plea to give their athletes the opportunity "you know, when my guys look at me and go coach, so there's no sec championships, no ncaa championship because of the flag.

Obviously, we want chance, all the coaches want change, the students want change, and they want it now."

"i know what it's like firsthand to see a confederate flag and pretend it doesn't have a racist, violent, or oppressive overtone.

It screams hate, and it hurts me to my core.

Our student athletes, and our entire student body, don't just commit to compete and represent mississippi state.

They commit, and compete and representing the entire state of mississippi."

"does your flag keep business in the state, or keep business out.

Ok if it doesn't, change it.

Does it draw athletes and people to the state or not?

If it doesnt, change it.

I mean it's as simple as that.

I, i guess on that very practical level, i'm surprised it hadn't happened a long time ago."

All of mississippi's 8 state funded universities have quit flying the state flag on campuses.

Wipe to vo tupelo joins other mississippi cities in removing the state flag from some municipal properties.

Tupelo city attorney ben logan received requests for legislative action from some council members to retire the current state flag from city hall, veterans park and ballard park.

The request asks for the flag to come down until state lawmakers decide on a new flag or force the city to fly the current one.


Amendments to the current city ordinance will be presented at the next meeting of the city council.

Sot take continuing coverage stinger generic monitor fill days after being voted out of a church for his public stance on racial issues and injustice, bishop scott volland announces his return to the pulpit.

Scott martin shares the new journey.

You see the name right here behind me, this used to be the possum town pawn shop, but that's all about to change.

Bishop scott volland says his vision is going to continue right here in the this building.

It doesn't look like much right now on the inside but this will be transformed into a church sanctuary.

"we got three points as "the bridge, and that's to connect people with god, connect people with people and connect people with the world."

The pawn shop will be "the bridge."

A church that bishop volland visions as a place representing the community.

"this is in the part of the city that needs a good strong church, needs a place where all people, all cultures can gather together and worship together and really build a sense of community."

It was monday when we spoke with bishop volland after he was voted out for taking a stand on social injustice.

He says that was the past and now he's looking forward.

"we're certainly welcoming all people to come in and be a part to build this for the community" volland admits the conversion from pawn shop to sanctuary is going to take a lot of work, but nothing will deter his mission.

"we're going to dive in head first and make sure we take the steps necessary to make sure it's what god wants it to be."

Stand up tag the first service will be held here this coming sunday.

Of course there's still a lot of things they need so if you're interested in helping out or donating in anyway you can find out how to do so on our website wcbi dot com.

Reporting in columbus scott martin wcbi news.

First look stinger first look summary: daily rain chances, heat, and humidity will continue to be the themes going into the weekend and next week.

Saharan dust has made it to the region and it will make the sky look a little hazy while giving us some another daily record number of covid-19 cases today in mississippi.

Health officials are reporting one thousand 92 new positive coronavirus tests.

Lee county saw the highest number of new cases in our region with 26.

Winston county had the second highest with 23, followed by pontotoc at 19.

The state health department reports an increase in patients hospitalized with the virus...that number is up to 536.

94 of those are on ventilators.

So far, one thousand-16 people have died from covid-19.

Alabama also reporting a record high today with more than 11 hundred confirmed new cases.

Wipe to vo testing continues across mississippi.

Today, folks went to the noxubee civic center, just off highway 45 in macon, for free testing.

Appointments were made ahead of time.

Organizers were expecting about 60 people to be tested during the four hour event.

The university of mississippi medical center and the national guard were there to assist.

An area non-profit and a health clinic team up to offer free covid-19 testing// and as allie martin reports demand for the testing is up, and so are the needs for the group's other services..

Cars began lining up hours before the free testing began nats people were encouraged to pre register , to help expedite everything.

Charles davis works at a local car dealership and says he wanted to get tested for his safety and the safety of others.

"family resource center has been doing a lot of good work for the community and so this is another example of all the good things they do, we are in a pandemic and we have to do everything we can do make sure we are doing our part to make sure we keep everyone safe."

Frc joined forces with access family health services to provide the free covid 19 testing.

Standup bridge as cars are waiting outside for the free drive through testing, inside, frc staff are busy serving clients throughout the region.

While covid 19 has impacted the way business is carried out here, the needs are still great.

"we see a rise, uptick in child abuse, domestic violence so we are providing all those services for cps and partnering with safe, rural legal services, lift, tupelo housing authority , some of our partners, we are partnering with community partners in the community."

Frc doesn't allow anyone in the building, but they are conducting classes , interviews and assessments over the phone, or zoom.

A program that provides free beds for children is going strong, and supplies for newborns are distributed regularly.

Also, if frc can't provide a particular service, they find an agency that can meet the need.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news each person who was tested today also received a mask that was donated by lee county board of supervisor's president tommy lee ivy vo off top the market street festival is taking a pass on 20-20.

Today organizers and board members of the festival announced the decision to cancel the annual event.

Market street had been postponed from may of this year to september because of concerns about covid 19 and social distancing requirements.

Vendors and visitors fill the streets of columbus.

The award winning event includes numerous stages for music and food vendors as well.

It is with safety in mind that the main street columbus board members say they have voted to move the festival to 20-21.

The 25th anniversary will now be held on may 7th and may 8th of 20-21.

Stinger support is building to fix the dam at oktibbeha county lake..

We find out more about the progress when we come vo in monitor oktibbeha county lake could soon get a facelift, but first supervisors and the county engineer are figuring "how" to re-structure it.

Several surveys are being done to determine failures with the dam.

Our stephanie poole has more on what county supervisors have discovered.

The mississippi department of environmental quality is requesting all information possible from the oktibbeha county lake engineer.

Before work can be done to 'fix' the lake, a list of underlying issues is necessary.

" since the water is no longer in the lake, we've been able to discover that a-lot of the slope on the front of the lake is actually not there anymore."

District 3 supervisor, marvell howard says there are three analyses mdeq needs by the end of july.

" around may 22nd they wanted a drainage analysis of the lake.

After the riser has been cut if a 100 year flood has occurs.

The analysis showed if a 100 flood occurs then what will happen is the level will rise higher enough to go thought the emergency spillway and that's even with the risers being cut."

Howard says they also need data on the probable maximum precipitation reports ..

" at 100% the pmp says the water the water will over top the levee by about two and half feet.

At 50% the water will over top the levee by about 9 inches and that's retaining the levee holes with that much pressure and that much water going across it."

They also need an analysis of the state of technical information on the lake.

The process won't be quick.

He says if contractors place a bid on the adjustments it could take up to 3 years...with a price tag of 6 to 8 million dollars.

" two day of 3 inch rain, maybe a third day of an inch rain then this lake would be back filled to capacity.

It doesn't take very long because water sheds from like an 18 to 20 mile radius coming in to oktibbeha county lake."

Take vo in monitor howards says the engineer is still developing a set of replacement plans for the levee.

Stinger wx open summary: daily rain chances, heat, and humidity will continue to be the themes going into the weekend and next week.

Saharan dust has made it to the region and it will make the sky look a little hazy while giving us some extra colorful sunrises and sunsets over the next few days.

Thursday night: a few evening showers and storms then variably cloudy.

Some fog is possible.

Lows in the upper 60s to around 70 with calm wind.

Friday: scattered rain and storms with the chance at 40%.

Highs in the mid 80s.

Winds sw 5- 10 mph.

Friday night: variably cloudy with the chance of a shower or storm.

Lows around 70.

Saturday: a mix of sun and clouds along with at 40% chance of scattered showers and storms. highs in the mid 80s.

Sunday-tuesday: partly cloudy, warm, and humid.

Highs ranging from the upper 80s to lower 90s.

Lows in the lower 70s.

A daily 30-40% chance of pop-up showers and storms. wednesday- thursday: scattered showers and storms. rain chances 40-50%.

Highs in the upper 80s with lows in the lower 70s.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, summary: daily rain chances, heat, and humidity will continue to be the themes going into the weekend and stinger a familiar face takes the reigns in smithville, looking to continue its winning tradition stop number four on the high school football tour, next the smithville seminoles are up next on the high school football tour chad collums returns to lead seminoles football, hoping to get back to the postseason to continue smithville's winning ways "we always come prepared, come to fight, we're always in games, every game in and out."

Blake williams, senior wr/olb that's the expectation for the smithville seminoles each season.

The 2020 season is no different, except that the seminoles have a new but familiar head coach: chad collums. "it's home," collums said.

"it's where i want to be.

It's what i loved to do and where i want to be doing it."

Collums served at the helm of seminoles football from 2014 to 2016 before leaving to take over the football team at raleigh high school.

After former head coach michael campbell left to become the offensive coordinator at itawamba ahs, collums said the smithville job was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.

"coach campbell's done a lot in the last three years.

What he was able to do, stepping in and building off of what he did.

It's a good situation to be in," collums said.

"we've known him a lot.

So it's easy to bring him in," williams said.

"there's better energy," senior dt dayton hitt said.

"it seems like we're a different team this year.

More ready and more prepared."

Preparedness is vital when going up against a stacked 1a division.

Although collums spent the last few seasons in 3a, he knows teams like the defending state champions nanih waiya bring the same type of competition level.

"stepping into a situation where i'm in a 1a school but i'm in a region that's a juggernaut also.

There are great teams in this region."

"it's a lot of competition for sure with very good teams but i think we're ready," hitt said.

Smithville is approaching the 2020 season with a defensive first mindset.

The hope is that approach will set them apart from the other teams in the division.

"i'm expecting a tough year.

Every week you have to go in with that mentality and know it's going to be a dogfight out there," collums said.

"we're just going to line up and hit you.

A lot of teams don't do that anymore.

A lot of them get ready.

We're going to overpower them," hitt said.

Smithville has its sights set on match-up number one of the season, at home against belmont, on august 21st.

Reporting in smithville on the high school football tour, courtney robb wcbi sports.

The driving force the driving force to an incredible season for the west lowndes lady panthers is keeping her talents in town.

Marvaysha seals signs with the w to continue her basketball career.

Seals led west lowndes to an undefeated regular season and final 4 appearance averaging a team high 16 points a game and shooting 52 percent from the field.

Watch a couple of different clusters of storms the warning your climate that will be allowed to display a 30 but were watching i got the back of the individually foursomes in the

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